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We know that as a pain management specialist, your practice has specific needs of a system that addresses the vast and unique information needs of the specialty. iPatientCare Pain Management EHR is a fully certified system with integrated scheduler, billing module, eligibility tracking, document management and many more to automate their manual processes and achieve a true paperless environment enhancing the healthcare experience for the patients.

Pain Management Chief Complaints:

The system provides you an extensive set of organized chief complaint; presented in a consistent format each case includes history, questions, physical examination, laboratory testing, image findings, diagnosis, and discussion, including differential diagnosis and treatment.

Order Set:

The standardized order set have eventually emerged as a powerful clinical decision support tool that assists in shaping patient care and plays an important role in advancing evidence-based medicine. The Pre-loaded order-set Saves physicians’ valuable time by freeing them from having to memorize and hand-write repetitive orders for all the combinations of appropriate medications, tests and treatment options

  • Significant improvement in patient safety and quality of care
  • A reference library of hundreds of evidence-based order sets that can easily be customized by healthcare organizations
  • Facility for the clinicians to view comparative data on their ordering practices

Specific Medication Templates:

iPatientCare provides an extensive database of preconfigured specific pain condition related medication templates for prescription.

  • Latest Drug information available
  • Prescribe dosage and frequency in just a click
  • Facility to create customized templates for medications the physician frequently prescribes
  • Template medication eliminates potential errors while prescribing medications.

Procedural Templates:

A Practice workflow speeds up for patient charting only with a system that allows information at point-n-click, directly into the progress note without tediously typing commonly used recommendations:

  • Bilateral Carpal Tunnels Injection
  • Blood Patch
  • Caudal epidural injection
  • Cervical discography
  • Cervical epidural steroid injection
  • Facet Injection
  • Hip Joint Injection
  • Knee Intra articular Steroid Injection
  • Mental Nerve Block
  • Shoulder Injection
  • Trochanteric Bursa Injection

and many more...

Document Physical Exam Graphically:

This functionality provides users an access to capture and elaborate the physical signs of different body systems the patient presents with. This functionality will use the graphical representation to display the data for the ease of use by the end user.

This functionality provides graphical representation of physical examination documentation e.g. "Myotome examination", "Deep Tendon Reflexes", "Dermatome Examination", "Musculoskeletal Examination" and "Peripheral Nerve Examination".

Initial Evaluation Form:

iPatientCare provides Initial Evaluation Form to record any patient’s Initial Evaluation by the pain specialist.


  • Facility to view daily, weekly or monthly report
  • Aging, Outstanding and Revenue reports
  • Customized, analytical and comparative reports
  • Facility to define frequently used reports

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