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iPatientCare proud to present you award winning Ambulatory EHR for variety of gadgets, Practice Management System for maximizing the financial health of your practice, Patient Engagement to put them in “allowing to do more” situation, mHealth and Wearable Apps the exiting interactive tools on Wearables, Smart-phones and Tablets, EHR Interoperability for making the right data available at the right time to the right people, Care Management Software for smoother electronic referrals and transition-of-care, Revenue Cycle Management Services that let you remain focused on the health of your patients, MIPS Reporting Registry and Quality Improvement Consulting at challenging affordable prices. We allow our customers to choose a third-party billing system of their choice with more options and flexibility to meet the unique needs of practices across the country. So what are you waiting for? Contact us now!

Words from Our Clients

Jim Wigginton

Jim Wigginton

iPatientCare has actually changed the way I practice. It has made my life a lot easier. Clinical Summary is the page that has all of the patient’s diagnosis, past medical history; it has a feature to carry forward from the past notes. Everything we want handy is available on the left panel. I don’t have to go to multiple screens or anything else, I like it because it has more of a dashboard view…

CFNP, Corinth Family Medical Center, PC


Sidney L. Myles

I am the president of Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Services in Hickory, North Carolina. I have been using iPatientCare since September, 2010. I have seen the software usability improving and it has become easier to use iPatientCare EHR and PMS with each release. The integrated Practice Management System let's me track, oversee and enhance monetary and managerial procedures as an integrated and efficient software. iPatientCare support is by far the best that I have encountered. In the middle of clinic, if I encounter a problem, I can get on the phone with Tech Support and within minutes the problem is resolved. Seeing this, I recently started using their Revenue Cycle Management Services.

MD, Internal Medicine and Psychiatric Services of the Piedmont, PLLC


Diana Knight

I never believed that patients could actually Check-in by themselves at the clinic or on their way to the clinic using their smart phone, before I was introduced to iPatientCare Patient Portal. My patients love to self-check-in as this feature maintains their privacy, reduce their dependency on my front desk staff to update demographics, request refill and much more. Patient Portal makes my front desk staff glad too as they can utilize their time in quality work rather than entering data manually. iPatientCare allows me to change its theme, color and appearance according to my brand and workflow. I’m impressed!

Office Manager, Interventional Pain Management Assoc.


Gabriel Yuil,
MD, Yuil Medical Center

We have tried the iPhone and iPad app and are excited to use it. The App is user friendly and it will be a great additional tool to use. It helps us to sign lab results, review our daily schedules and obtain a patient phone number with a few simple clicks. We have started offering this app to our patients and even they found it user friendly. This helps us stay connected to our patients and be available at the point of care. We are waiting for some more wonderful features in this mobile App.

C. Verl Woolsey

We always wanted to provide best possible care to all our patients and at the same time did not wanted to compromise on efficiency and compliance. I then came across Care Coordination and Analytics offered by iPatientCare. This has fulfilled more than we have asked for. Now using this feature we can smoothly perform the care activities, whether our providers need to refer out or receive patients by referrals from other healthcare providers. Implementation and training was impressive, each step performed as calculated. I am glad to have such wonderful system and highly recommend to have your own one.

MSHS, PA-C Cardiac Physician Assistant, Capital Heart Associates, PC


K. Ramesh Reddy

We use iPatientCare for medical billing. They are reliable, the staff is knowledgeable, and they help address the day-to-day bill and receiving issues we all face in practice. The staff is very efficient, responsible and courteous, their attention to detail is good. Our account receivables have remained manageable and their integrated software have helped us to keep track of money owed by payers and patients when they come to see us at the office

MD, Decaturville Family Practice

Dr Muhammed Idrees

Muhammed Idrees,
MD, Pediatric Associates of Batavia, LLP

Just like other health practices we were using healthcare IT solutions via iPatientCare with a specific end goal to make work quicker, effective and agreeable. It is all helping us ascertained, then iPatientCare offered us Quality Improvement Consulting services. At first point we however don't obliged whatever other additional items since the work going easily yet on trial base we took it for 1 year. Just in first quarter of the year we earned incredible advantages by means of right clinical, operational and money related data gave via iPatientCare as under Quality Improvement Consulting services This shows us to upgrade our assets, abilities and innovation and improve the patient fulfillment.

Timothy S. Wakefield, DC

We were looking for a one stop solution that can provide fully loaded features with an EHR program that interfaces with a practice management system, complete range of Revenue Cycle Management services, an experienced data conversion process, prompt IT services, and detailed MU monitoring and reporting. We were looking for a long-term solution to our needs of electronic healthcare and revenue cycle enhancements. We had to be confident that the system we chose was able to keep up with the changes that appear to be facing us, as it relates to: the new merit-based incentive payment system, promotion of alternative payment models, and incentive payments for participation in eligible alternative payment models. Looking at what we were searching for, it was a challenge for our practice to find a right solution. We found all we needed with iPatientCare. We were amazed to learn that iPatientCare provides high quality of revenue cycle management services along with the best technology solution. With as hard as iPatientCare has worked to be on the cutting edge of technology, we are confident that we made the right choice for the long-term benefit of our practice from the RCM point-of-view as well.

Chiropractic Health Services, Wisconsin.


Gobind Garg,
MD, Gobind Garg PLLC.

We have always been leading all quality reporting initiatives from CMS and other payers for many years. Participating in PQRS quality program has been one of our chosen endeavors, and iPatientCare makes it extremely easy and achievable through its intuitive EHR, MU/PQRS Dashboard, and also the CMS Qualified PQRS Registry. We are very happy with the excellent support and service provided by MU and PQRS team from iPatientCare to enable us to achieve our goal.

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