For over two decades, iPatientCare has helped providers improve the quality of care, patient satisfaction, and revenue with an EHR developed by physicians for physicians. We are proud to serve providers across the U.S. and globally.

iPatientCare is an AssureCare brand, acquired in 2019 to tie in the EHR component of complete care on the healthcare continuum. AssureCare has been working to solve the challenge of disjointed healthcare for more than 25 years. Since 1998, AssureCare has been providing comprehensive integrated Population Health Management software solutions to leading healthcare and human services (HHS) organizations throughout the United States and globally. Our solutions encapsulate years of experience in the implementation of technology to support fully integrated healthcare solutions and best practices.

iPatientCare is a completely integrated application suite, providing flexibility to pick and choose relevant options suitable to your practice. Our team is dedicated to serving providers, so they can deliver the best quality care to their patients.