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Track, manage and optimize financial and administrative processes with an integrated and efficient practice management software.

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iPatientCare PMS is much more than a billing software. It is a complete medical practice management software that allow your Front Office and Back Office staff to work easily and efficiently. It also generates cleaner claims to get you paid faster and receive higher reimbursements.


iPatientCare Practice Management System has a workflow to bring-in efficiency in all areas of operations in your Medical Practice. From front office verifying insurances or collecting co-pays, to documentation of the visit with appropriate charge capture, submitting claims, posting payments, managing the collections and accounts receivable - all are linked together like a chain. The collaborative workflow provides streamlined communication, time efficiency and effective tracking mechanism as an effective healthcare practice management software should have.

Efficiency of Practice Management Software

Key Features

Key Features of PMS Software for Front Office
Key Features of PMS Software for Front Office
iPatientCare PMS front office features allow your staff to easily and efficiently
register new patients, schedule appointments, and check in and check out patients.

Registration & Check-in/check-out

  • Auto-populate the demographic information using Driver’s license / Insurance card.
  • Scan and store multiple insurance card images and maintain complete history of patient’s past, present and future insurances.
  • Flexibility to define custom fields and making certain fields mandatory during registration process.
  • Keep track of the demographic modifications using built-in HIPAA compliant audit-trails
  • Easy check-in/check-out through a guided sequences of steps
  • Ability to take patient’s picture and scan insurance cards
  • Online eligibility verification
  • Collect co-pays/past payments using credit card and print receipts
  • Get the consent forms signed by the patients using digital signature pads
  • Print custom encounter forms with auto-populated information
  • Simplified check-in process using the self-check-in Kiosk


  • Multi-location appointment scheduling
  • Multi-provider, multi-resource/equipment appointment scheduling
  • Automatic appointment duration as per the appointment reason
  • Customized view of scheduler chart to group providers / resources
  • Color coding of appointments based on appointment reason / status
  • Day/week/month views
  • Schedule appointments with daily/weekly/monthly/yearly recurrence
  • Ability to block providers/resources time on a recurring interval
  • Ability to block specific time slots for certain types of appointments
  • Schedule multiple appointments in a customized and defined sequence
  • Wait List and recall list management.
  • Reduce no-shows using automated appointment reminders by phone/text/emails
  • Rescheduling of appointments using easy to use drag/drop and cut/paste
  • Automated batch eligibility verification for all scheduled appointments
  • Extensive reporting

PMS Software Back Office Key Features
PMS Software Back Office Key Features
iPatientCare PMS back office features ensure efficient claims management,
accounts receivable and patient billing process

  • Preparing and/or importing Encounter Sheets to generate claims
  • Improved first-pass claim acceptance using claim scrubbing
  • Submitting Claims directly to CMS and other Payers in ANSI 837 format
  • Printing Claims in CMS 1500 and UB 04 forms
  • Automated posting of payments received electronically through ANSI 835 format
  • Scanning / archiving EOB and updating Payments / Collections
  • Claim Status Inquiry and Response
  • Patient Ledger and A/R
  • Automated actionable work-lists for claims corrections and A/R follow-ups
  • Paper and electronic Patient Statements
  • Patient Eligibility and Authorizations
  • Patient Payments through credit cards
  • Patient payment plans
  • Interactive dashboards with drill-down capability
  • Integrated Clearing House for electronic claims processing / eligibility verification

Reporting & Analytics

Reporting and analytics empowers you with the information you need to take quick and informed decisions. It turns your data into insights and provides a 360-degree view of your entire enterprise through a KPI dashboard with drill-down capability.

Reporting & Analytics

Words from Our Clients


Gabriel Yuil,
MD, Yuil Medical Center

We have tried the iPhone and iPad app and are excited to use it. The App is user friendly and it will be a great additional tool to use. It helps us to sign lab results, review our daily schedules and obtain a patient phone number with a few simple clicks. We have started offering this app to our patients and even they found it user friendly. This helps us stay connected to our patients and be available at the point of care. We are waiting for some more wonderful features in this mobile App.

Unified System

Each iPatientCare application is part of a comprehensive application suite developed ground-up by highly qualified physicians and IT professionals, which gives you, your staff and your patients a high-level of experience.
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