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iPatientCare has been serving more than 70,000 users nationwide which includes numerous small/medium/large practices, hospital/health systems, rural health clinics, and high profile customers, such as, US Army and NASA Space Medicine. iPatientCare has been selected as a preferred vendor/MU partner by Federal Government funded Regional Extension Centers. iPatientCare has been profitable and has no outside investors than the promoters who are software and medical professionals.


iPatientCare is not free! However, it is extremely affordable. Look at the following details and one would say… “It’s a no brainer!”

  • NO license fees, NO upfront charges.
  • It is Cloud-based, and hence, does not require providers to invest in expensive servers and host them in their offices.
  • iPatientCare ensures HIPAA compliance of Servers and takes care of daily backups, disaster recovery, and giving secure access to providers, thus relieving providers of the major IT security burdens.
  • iPatientCare does not force long-term contracts and offers its EHR/PMS/RCM systems at very competitive rates.
  • iPatientCare also provides complete bundled with EHR,PMS,RCM System.
  • Last but not the least, providers own their data at all times. iPatientCare returns all data when providers may decide to discontinue using iPatientCare technology and services.


iPatientCare offers wide variety of options to providers, namely:

  • Subscribing Cloud-based EHR only, interfaced with their existing PM and RCM Systems
  • Subscribing Cloud-based Unified System integrating EHR, PMS and RCM technology
  • Using iPatientCare’s Clinically-driven Complete Revenue Cycle Enhancement Services that include FREE Cloud based EHR, PMS and RCM Systems, initial setup/on-boarding, and implementation/training services.

iPatientCare is hosted on secure servers at Type II category national data centers. This gives providers subscribing to iPatientCare complete peace of mind. HIPAA Omnibus Rules and all security mandates are taken care by iPatientCare. Providers are relieved of this big burden. iPatientCare EHR may therefore be utilized by providers anywhere anytime, that is, from home while the office staff is using it from the office. iPatientCare also provides smaller footprint of its application on iPhone and iPad, helping providers stay mobile.


iPatientCare, is an innovative company. It has been a pioneer in bringing mobile healthcare solutions on Palm Pilot and Pocket PC when there were no serious applications available for physicians. It was again iPatientCare, Inc. which evolved an end-to-end solution for the US Army that captured patient encounter data at the point-of-care, that is, at the battle field and relayed to enterprise IT applications. When it comes to Electronic Health Record solutions for Ambulatory care and Inpatient care, it is iPatientCare, Inc. which has been leading the revolution since 2004.

why-icon4Easy to Use

iPatientCare’s user centric design is very intuitive and reduces the learning curve to great extent. It is highly customizable and hence it molds itself to suite to your needs, rather than you changing the way you work. Its charting module supports many different input methods for capturing data at the point-of-care, such as, pushing pre-programmed buttons, using visual analog scales, dictating into the system, speech recognition through Dragon Medical, and text entry through keyboard.

why-icon5 Award-winning

iPatientCare has been a thought-leader when it comes to EHR/PMS for physicians’ offices. It has been honored to be one of the three vendors that have been invited to participate in shaping the future Meaningful Use Stage 3 specifications by the Federal Government. iPatientCare’s leadership is evident from the awards/recognitions received by it . Click here to learn more.

why-icon6 Well-Connected

A typical physician’s office cannot operate in isolation. It needs to send and receive specific information to and from numerous outside entities, such as, reference labs, diagnostic and treatment facilities, retail pharmacies, hospitals, and other physicians’ offices for referrals. iPatientCare EIA – Enterprise Integration Adapters provide all required electronic interfaces to make it one of the most interoperable EHRs. Click here to learn more.


iPatientCare is known for its active, agile, and proactive support. iPatientCare users could seek support by either logging their request online using the Online Ticket Manager or calling iPatientCare's Help Desk Call Center at 1-877-8-MED-DATA. The Web based customer support is available 24 x 7. The Help Desk Call Center remains open from 8:00 a.m. EST through 8:00 p.m. EST.

iPatientCare's support portal also provides complete access to pre-recorded training sessions to all its users. These training modules are hosted in the Cloud and are made available anywhere anytime. Most providers are busy during the office hours. They may tap into these training resources when they have time and learn at their own pace. What more can they ask?

iPatientCare firmly believes in engaging its users on an ongoing basis. For an effective engagement, it holds monthly user meetings via the Virtual User Conference/Forum. Providers keep themselves updated on the major software releases and many third-party tools integrated by iPatientCare.

services Integrated Services

iPatientCare Product suite comes with many value-added services such as Revenue Cycle Management, MUPlus and Quality Improvement Consulting. iPatientCare has the best technology tools and professionals to help providers enhance their end-to-end revenue cycle. Healthcare providers see the results of implementing best practices through iPatientCare’s clinically-driven revenue cycle enhancement technology and services. Click here to learn more.

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