A Complete iPad EHR App for Your Practice, Download Now from the App Store!

iPatientCare iPad EHR App on the native Apple platform is one of the most capable iOS based healthcare solutions for the physicians and other healthcare providers seeking solutions that work natively on iPad and iPhone. Most EHR solutions available on iPad work through Safari or a browser. Only a few are actually designed to work on native iOS to provide those familiar gestures and point-and-tap user interface of Apple tablets and smart devices. Among the ones which are available today, most provided very limited capabilities on iPad. However, iPatientCare is a clear departure from such first generation EHR. It is clearly a significant improvement and can easily be identified as an EHR for the GenNext!

iPad EHR App

Access live EHR with the newer version of miPatientCare the iPad App!

Whats new in it for you?

Enhanced features/ functionalities

Enhanced ePrescribing with options to add current medications

Enhanced medications, allergies and problems interaction management

Clinical Order Set and Decision Support

Flow Sheet

Synchronization of Clinical Templates

iOS 7 Ready

Enhanced UI

Faster and better user experience.

Improved usability.

Enhanced Performance

With miPatientCare your patient records are only a tap away of your fingertip!


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