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Cloud Based EHR – Safe Secure and Seamless

The care providers and physicians are currently busy in achieving the standards required to get meaningful use incentive as the first half of the year 2014 is over. Though, EHR are meant to meet the MU set standards but, the physicians want advancement in the technology, so they can meet the standards quite easily. This is where, one feels the importance of cloud based EHR, which is more secure and easy to access.

Cloud Based EHR

However, one always needs to understand the proper flow to install cloud based EMR system or migrate to the same.

Understand Your System and Workflow – If you are looking ahead to migrate to cloud based EHR solution or installing a complete new one, then first of all, you need to understand your system thoroughly. You must go through the application, features and workflow of your system and need to take detailed note on that, so that you can customize the new one based on the current workflow.

Derive your System Needs – If you are installing EHR system for the first time, then you need to find out the requirements of your system. For the same, you must go through all your paper charting procedures and need to derive how you want the same in the electronic health record. In addition, you also need to plan how you want all the workflows to fall in EHR system. Further, you can even generate a list of the features and apps that you need into the system.

Security Check – When it comes to security, you can count on cloud based EHR as it offers you reliability much better than LAN server based EHR and paper charting system. Cloud based electronic health record offers multiple level of security, but finally it depends upon the provider to adopt it up to a certain extent. To decide the level of security, you need to derive where it is required and who will be the authorized persons to crack it.

Provide Training to your Staff – Cloud based EHR has lot to offer, but one need to understand it completely to extract most out of it. A person cannot understand on its own the complex functionality and workflow of cloud based EHR. Hence, you will be required to appoint a system expert to train your team to use EMR system in most productive manner. This will help your facility and physicians to work seamlessly with newly integrated EMR system.


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