iPatientCare EHR Adds More Features for Pediatric Specialty

EHR system completely focused on Pediatric needs and workflow

If you take a close look over the medical industry and its various specialties, you will find pediatric to be the most complicated and sensitive specialty to manage in terms of workflow and patient management as it caters to infants and kids. Thus, the pediatric specialties demand for EHR system that can streamline their workflow and improve their practice efficiency by providing quality of care. Though, there are numerous Pediatric specific EHR vendors available in the market, however they fail to deliver a complete solution catering to their specific need. This has led to disappointment within the specialty and a need for an EHR has risen in the industry which is designed by Pediatricians for the pediatric specialty. While understanding the existing scenario of pediatric specialties and studying their practice needs, iPatientCare, introduces enhanced EHR solely focused on pediatric specialty.

EHR system completely focused on Pediatric needs and workflow

An EHR designed by Pediatricians:

In order to come up with a better and resourceful EHR system specific to pediatricians needs, it becomes a need to involve specialists who better understands the workflow, behavior and requirements of the pediatrics facility. Hence, with an expert team of pediatricians, market analyst and technical developers, we understood the key points and eventually, worked on every aspect of the pediatric facility to evolve a system that that is completely dedicated to pediatric facility.

The Special Features

To meet the needs and demands of the specialty, we have been successful in designing a solution which comprises of all the features. Some of them are as follows:

Specific Immunization Chart
Growth Charts
Pediatric Dosage
Clinical Decision Support System
Well-Child Examination Templates
School Absence and Camp Forms
MU Requirements List
Patient-Centric Medical Home

Being committed to deliver enhanced patient care. Our Pediatric specific EHR has been designed to bring efficiency to the practice workflow and provide better patient care. In addition, the workflow enables pediatricians earn lucrative incentive.

Customization is Easy!

We understand the fact that need and nature of a pediatric facility is unique. Hence, we offer customization of the templates based on the client requirement. If you own a pediatric facility and looking forward to get or switch to a smart pediatric specific EHR system feel free to reach us on 800.741.0981 or to write us on sales@iPatientCare.com. We will be pleased to help you!


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