iPatientCare Blog - Having any idea about Cost Performance Category for MIPS 2018?

Having any idea about Cost Performance Category for MIPS 2018?

iPatientCare is going to share knowledge on the MIPS cost performance category for the year 2018, with all the providers. This session will help get a better understanding of what is preferred for your practice and how to gain the best results.

The purpose of this webinar is to engage and update all the providers on the current industry changes; developments and enhancements within the iPatientCare system. Every month these sessions emphasize education, exhibition, and entertainment.

This webinar is going to elaborate on Cost Performance for MIPS 2018.  Part 12 of this eLearning series will review the MIPS Cost Performance Category and how to estimate the cost score by interpreting the Quality Resource Use Report (QRUR). This cost performance category will account for 10% of the composite MIPS score. The cost category will not require any submission and the calculation will be based on the claims data.

This session will commence with a discussion on QPP changes for MIPS year 2 (the performance year 2018). The discussion will then continue with an overview of the cost performance category, improving the scoring for the cost, and finally, end the session with interpreting your QRUR Reports and how to maximize the ‘cost score’ for MIPS. This session is due on Thursday, Mar 15th, 2018, from 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM EST.


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