How clinicians can ease clinical cognitive overload

Healthcare technology promised to make clinicians’ lives easier. The majority of clinical processes are completed electronically, which should result in easier workflows. An undesirable consequence of the implementation of new technology for clinicians is an outburst of information, with mountains of data and constant notifications and clinical alerts. Clinicians and healthcare staff are required to spend more time processing and verifying the collected information resulting in clinical cognitive overload.

What are the signs of clinical cognitive overload?

Often, clinicians and healthcare staff have resigned themselves to utilizing the technologies they have already implemented. They have gained a level of complacency with the workflows they are familiar with and they fail to look beyond and adopt improved technology systems that could elevate unnecessary work. Here are some stressors clinicians face:

  • Notification and alert fatigue
  • Phone call fatigue
  • Overwhelmed by patient care responsibilities
  • Overwhelmed by patient safety requirements
  • Overwhelmed by healthcare technology
  • Unwillingness to adopt new healthcare technology

What contributes to cognitive overload?

Some Electronic Health Records (EHRs) require an overabundance of clicks to navigate between pages and access specific patient information, which leads to frustration and an increased risk of error. Some of the Additional contributors to cognitive overload are listed below:

  • Documenting and charting within EHRs
  • Navigating between multiple concurrent alerts
  • Retrieving data and orders for EHRs
  • Remembering complicated medical device procedures
  • Navigating overhead paging
  • Trying to communicate with the care team

How to reduce clinician’s cognitive overload?

Clinicians are looking to simplify the use of technology to make informed decisions in a fast-paced environment. The best solution is to utilize smartphone devices for optimal accessibility. This allows all clinical data to be found in one convenient place. Integrated healthcare mobile applications will enable care coordination and communication across multiple care team members.

Let, iPatientCare solutions ease your cognitive burden

Care coordination and clinical data will continue to expand and grow in complexity. The full suite of iPatientCare’s innovative healthcare technology products can help you lessen the cognitive overload.

With iPatientCare, you can process different types of high-volume patient data with a range of integrated solutions. It has been a pioneer in bringing mobile healthcare solutions to Palm Pilot and Pocket PC when no other applications were available to clinicians.

iPatientCare’s mobile healthcare solutions support patient care by integrating existing disparate information systems and providing them with a single view of all patient data.

Additionally, when it comes to EHR solutions for ambulatory care and inpatient care, iPatientCare has been a leading innovator since 2004. A wide range of solutions are available:

  • If you are subscribing to a cloud-based EHR, you can integrate your existing Practice Management System (PMS) and Revenue Cycle Management systems (RCM)
  • If you are subscribing to a cloud-based unified system integrating EHR, you gain access to PMS and RCM technology
  • If you are subscribing to complete Revenue Cycle Enhancement services, then you gain access to FREE cloud-based EHR, PMS, and RCM Systems + initial setup/onboarding + implementation/training services.

How clinicians can ease clinical cognitive overload

Interested in learning more about how iPatientCare’s full suite of innovative healthcare products and value-added services help ease cognitive overload? Contact us and schedule your demo today.


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