How iPatientCare helps you simplify your hospital operations

How iPatientCare helps you simplify your hospital operations

For years, physicians and hospital staff have been using pen and paper to create and manage their schedules and administrative documents. Now, those days are gone when paperwork and folders were a reality. It not only made difficult to keep a track, but also made hospital operations tedious and messy. At this point, everyone needs access to vital information irrespective of time and place. For this, digital transformation in healthcare is a clear necessity. And we are glad to say, opportunities are incredible!

iPatientCare helps modern healthcare establishments to digitize their operations and equips them with the capabilities to maintain records and manage multiple operations, efficiently. With dedicated modules for electronic health record management, inventory management, pharmacy management, HRMS, accounting, etc, iPatientCare gives your hospital staff everything it needs under a single integrated platform.

How iPatientCare digitize hospitals with its innovative healthcare solutions

iPatientCare healthcare technology provides healthcare systems core operational and financial applications focused on organizing clinical data and information backed with analytics capabilities to interpret the data. It enables healthcare providers and consumers to take ‘care’ into to their own hands.

iPatientCare supports health system’s key business and clinical decisions through:

  • Data Aggregation and Management
  • Population Health and Care Coordination
  • Interoperability and Integration
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Core clinical applications and Vendor support

Here’s how:

1. EHR – Electronic Health Record – Using iPatientCare’s comprehensive and intuitive web-based electronic medical record software, you can build high-performance digital architecture for your practice. It significantly helps you have fewer errors than paper records. It enables a seamless flow of information and develops improved communication between you and the patient. With the use of EHR, you can also have access to a patient’s full medical history rather than a brief understanding of the patient’s medical situation. At the very least EHR helps you save time, and in case of emergency these records can provide critical, life-saving information. The use of EHR allows multiple care providers, regardless of location, to simultaneously access a patient’s record from any computer

  • Easy to use and intuitive medical record: Providers like you with busy practices and patients with busy lives would surely appreciate convenience in their healthcare transactions. EHR makes it easier for you to improve patient care and safety. It helps you to exchange complete health information about a patient in real-time. It also helps you transfer patient data to other departments or providers instantly, and securely. So that patients have better coordination among providers and get accurate diagnoses, and improved patient care.
  • Integrated Clinic/Hospital Management System: Using EHR you can integrate the Clinical/Hospital management system to your practice. It brings-in efficiency to the Operational, Financial and Clinical aspects of your Medical Practice. The integration allows the front office and back office staff to work easily and efficiently.
  • Multi Speciality Templates: EHR is designed by physicians for physicians. Several specialties simply require more than what a general EHR can do for them. Using EHR you manage solutions according to your specialty. You can access point-and-click interface, workflow customization and many more tools to support your unique practice style, and preferences. We can start you off with your specialty’s version of iPatientCare EHR and then further you can customize it to your practice’s preference rather than adjusting at your practice.
  • Rx/Lab/Radiology: EHR can integrate pharmacy, radiology and laboratory management at your practice. EHR can automatically disseminate the information to each one of them on your command.
  • Available on Windows/Android/iOS Devices: You can use EHR with windows operating systems. We have also designed it for Android and iOS devices to make it handy and easily accessible.
  • Hosted on Cloud or On-premise: If you are worried about your data and don’t want to manage it under a local server, then there’s a cloud-based EHR to solve your concern. It relieves you from maintaining expensive servers and IT staff. If you are under internet speed issues then we prefer you to keep on-premise servers to protect your data.


2. CMS – Clinic Management System: A Clinic Management System is an integrated information system for managing all aspects of a medical clinic’s operations such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance. It allows easy access to patient data to generate various records, including classification based on demographic, gender, age, and so on. Our Clinic Management System includes:

  • Patient Registration: Our Patient Registration module is designed to manage vital information such as patient’s information chart, name, address and contact information, birth date, employer, unique patient ID (for tracking visits), and insurance information. It automatically verifies patients’ benefits eligibility whenever the patient sings-in or off.
  • Appointment Scheduling: Our CMS facilitates effective scheduling of appointments, laboratory and radiology services. It helps staff to create and track the upcoming patient visit.
  • Medical Billing: Our CMS manages outpatient details. It’s an organized service that manages patient billing/collection, payment due, and advance payment. It also generates reports easily, daily, monthly, yearly or by date.
  • Email/Phone/SMS Reminder: Our CMS can integrate with commercially available Email servers, SMS and voice call packages. It sends reminders to the patient as per the hospital’s business rules.
  • Interface with Tally/QuickBooks: Our CMS can integrate with commercially available finance & accounting software such as Tally and QuickBooks. It exports financial data to finance ERP of your choice.
  • Hosted On Cloud or On-premise: Don’t worry for your data, our cloud-based hosting is a peace of mind, It is secure, scalable, and private. You can also choose to have On-premise data server hosting.

3. HMS – Hospital Management System: iPatientCare’s comprehensive cloud-based Hospital Management System is specially designed for hospitals and chains of clinics with affordability, scalability, and ease-of-use in mind. It delivers healthcare technology, analytics, and engagement solutions to help reduce cost, improve health outcomes and enhance the patient experience. It is designed to manage all hospital operations such as medical, financial, administrative, legal, and compliance.

  • Registration/ADT and Hospital Billing: Our in-patient module covers Registration/ADT. All general registration functions such as new patient registrations, update existing patient information, new admission, discharge, and transfer. Similarly, our out-patient management module covers all billing related activities such as manages invoices, payment due, and advance payment.
  • Ward and Bed Management: Our HMS is integrated with ward and bed management system which helps you allocated ward/beds across the inpatient department, such as medical-surgical, critical care, and specialty units.
  • Pharmacy/Lab/Radiology Information System:
    I. It helps you manage/build your own set of forms for the pharmacy department. The pharmacy solution improves workflow and integrates with industry-leading devices and vendors.
    II. The laboratory information system helps you to manage general labs and microbiology. The phlebotomist can manage their worklist across various departments.
    III. You can manage/schedule the orders with radiology-based scheduling rules. to manage inpatient and outpatient orders.
  • OT/CSSD/Diet Kitchen/Laundry: Our software helps you manage various operations such as housekeeping, pantry, laundry, waste management, deliveries, etc., which need to be handled across various departments and units.
  • Inventory/Accounts/HRMS/Payroll :
    I.The integrated inventory management module keeps track of all clinic stocks from medicines to types of equipment. It also manages your account by tracking finance behind every expanse and giving a receipt for the same.
    II.Payroll & HR Management module manages complete salary computation. This module interfaces with commercially available time recording machines.
  • Hosted on Cloud or On-premise:  Our cloud is secure, scalable, and private. You can also choose to have on-premise data server hosting.


4. PHR: Personal Health Record: iPatientCare’s Personal Health Record (PHR) is an emerging health information technology that individuals can use to engage in their healthcare to improve the quality and efficiency of care. It allows each patient to fully control his/her medical records and they also can share their health information with a wide range of users, including doctors, family members or friends.

  • Online Appointment Scheduling: The appointment & scheduling module of our PHR is designed to manage Quick and effective scheduling of appointments (Online & offline) of patients for the doctors, laboratory, and radiology services.
  • Health Reminders: Systems can integrate with commercially available SMS/Email Packages to send health reminders to patients. SMS/Emails are sent at numerous configurable events as per the hospital’s business rules.
  • Medication/Lab Radiology: A complete medication can be managed through this module. It effectively manages patient medical lab/radiology tests, exam reports, pharmacy and laboratory department activities. As the lab/radiology tests are booked at the reception desk, the request is automatically sent to the respective department.
  • Clinic/Hospital Branded Portal and App: Portals are capable of molding itself to suit your needs. It gives you the flexibility to design your own branded portals where you can brand your hospital’s name and information.
  • Secure Physician-Patient Communications: The latest cloud technology gives secure doctor-patient communication and interaction.

In today’s rapidly changing healthcare landscape, one major trend remains constant i.e Healthcare organizations integrating health information technology (HIT) initiatives into broad organizational performance improvement strategies in order to stay competitive. Ability to keep up with these initiatives helps to get ahead and gain competitive advantage one needs to firmly grasp a leadership position in this new healthcare ecosystem.

iPatientCare being the leading digital health transformation partner fully understands the existing workflows and personnel operations, and helps seamlessly integrate the new technology into current workflow in order to simplify and enhance care delivery. As professionals who work in the healthcare industry, one of our most important roles is to simplify the healthcare processes, both for the doctors and caregivers, as well as for the benefit and understanding of patients and their families.

If you have some requirements and need assistance, you are welcome to contact iPatientCare, we will always assist you in finding out the best approaches for your healthcare practice.


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