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Importance of PQRS Reporting to Your Practice

PQRS or the Physician Quality Reporting System is basically a quality inducement program that was initiated in 2009. Since the first day, it has been gathering the good impressions and going strong. Good news is that VBM (Value Based Modifier) program has been tagged with it to calculate the price and quality along the related penalties and incentives.

VBM is an integral part of PQRS; there is nothing exclusive as a VBM reporting. On this context, it is important to note that upon not reporting through PQRS in 2015 about four to six percent reduction in 2017 medical compensation will be witnessed.

Why accomplishing the quality measures are important?

It is advised for the quality measures to be taken care of from the beginning of the year to let the data management easier. However, to make things simpler and effective, it is advised for the physicians to acquire service from PQRS experts to make the PQRS reporting perfectly on track.

One needs to understand the fact that keeping a thorough sight over the progress rate is very important. This observation should be carried out throughout the year to ensure no data is missing.

Importance of PQRS to Your Practice

Having the Best Registry Reporting System:

To have the proper hilt over all data, it is important to have a compliant registry reporting system. One should never ignore this. In fact, it doesn’t cost too much. Rather, it simplifies things to a great extent. There are certain points through which the registry reporting system can be tested. On this aspect, it is important for the physician to ensure that there is a complete PQRS registry resource available, where the specialties are mentioned in a classified fashion, along with the changes introduced.

Important Points to Note:

The Eligible Professionals (EPs) need to report at least nine PQRS methods over 3 NQS domains. In case, if the Eligible Professionals witnesses a minimum one patient in person, those are based on claims and registry reporting information only, then any of the reported measures has to be a measure from the latest measure set.

On the other hand, for those who don’t have nine measures to report will have to go through MAV process to check and ensure that the Eligibility Professionals produced the highest number of measures that the concerned person performs.

It is important to note that there is no way available to get rid of the penalties in present scenario. Earlier, the EPs were only required to produce three reports to stay away from the penalty but not eligible for incentive.


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