Transitioning to a Virtual Medical Practice

Incorporating Virtual Visits: Things to Consider

With the impact of COVID-19, most healthcare practices are implementing virtual medical practices. An ideal virtual platform mimics in-person visits by offering a wide variety of features.

Key features include:

  • Scheduling  appointments
  • Checking into appointments
  • Conducting a clinical telehealth visits
  • Conducting post-visit work such as electronically prescribing medications
  • Checking out of appointments and reviewing & signing visit notes

Scheduling appointments

New or current patients are able to request virtual appointments in just a few clicks when using a telehealth solution. Patients can view their provider’s availability and select  a time that works best for them.

Checking into appointments

Once the visit is scheduled on the telemedicine platform, patients can join either through a link in their email or via a text message. Clicking on the link just prior to the appointment takes patients to a virtual waiting room where front desk staff guide them through the virtual visit.

Conducting clinical telehealth visits

Once a clinical note has been started and the pre-consultation requisites have been concluded, the provider is ready to interact with the patient. During the course of the consultation, the provider can upload relevant files, share educational links with the patient, and share their screen when necessary. An electronic health record (EHR) mobile application workflow allows providers to check clinical content, set schedules, capture screens, and access e-prescriptions.

Concluding the visit

After the provider updates his/her status to “Ready to Check-out”, the EHR application prepares for the last step of the online consultation. The provider may prompt their patient to make payments, send additional resources, or provide a summary of the session.

Getting started

Want to stay ahead of the curve? Implement a robust telemedicine program that meets the needs of your practice. Click here to schedule a live demo of digital healthcare solutions provided by iPatientCare.


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