iPad Healthcare

iPad Healthcare Apps Corroborating mHealth Initiatives

The healthcare IT industry has always been positively impacted by improvements in technology. The emergence of mHealth (mobile health) permeated the increased use of mobile devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and PDAs, for ensuring optimum patient health. mHealth involves the use of communication and information technology in order to ensure sharing of confidential medical information securely across disparate smart devices. iPad medical applications have made a significant contribution for enhancing the levels of patient engagement and safety. Whilst helping patients in monitoring their health, these apps help practices in bringing down their cost of operations, and enhance overall efficiency.

iPad Healthcare

Importance of iPad EHR App for Healthcare Professionals:

iPad apps help medical professionals access critical medical information related to their patients at anytime and anyplace. This enables them to take critical decisions regarding surgeries or medical procedures. iPad EHR App helps them get rid of unnecessary paper work and duplication of work. All this saves time, resources, and energy which might otherwise be used in delivering the best for patient health. With the optimum use of multimedia and graphic modes, physicians can effectively record and access information such as visual images of the patient, disease progression and sounds.

Role of iPad for patients:

The levels of patient care and safety have been positively influenced by the use of iPad. Patients can easily monitor their health using iPad applications. There are different medical apps introduced on the app store and each app serves different purposes. An app can remind patients of their appointments with doctor or remind them of their medication. There are also apps that alert patients before their pill inventory get exhausted. iPad apps facilitate the automation of procedures and work flow.

There are couple of mHealth Apps available for Healthcare Professionals :

Education and awareness
Diagnostic and treatment support
Communication and training for healthcare workers
Disease and epidemic outbreak tracking
Remote monitoring
Remote data collection

Thus, it can be concluded that iPad apps have now become an inseparable part of the mHealth technologies.


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