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The Healthcare industry not only imitates professionalism but also reflect emotions towards better health of the society. However, there is an increment in the number of patients suffering from chronic disorders, which demands for better preventive health care plans. Though, several NGOs and government are running the health awareness programs to educate the people on preventive measures, but these steps altogether are not enough to overcome the problem.


In such Scenario, iPatientCare, a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal Solutions took the initiative to deliver mHealth Applications to improve the health status of the residents of the Nation. The company has launched three extremely useful medical apps, tagged as miWater, miMeds and miCalc, to help people in maintaining good health. These dedicated apps are generated after analyzing the common reason for most of the health disorders. Therefore, one can prevent himself/herself from many possible diseases while using these apps.

The Purpose and the Idea

The current era is tech-savvy, and hence, it was essential to educate and treat the people on health issues through popular technical gadgets. Thus, the company came up with an idea to generate medical apps based on is to reach the masses. The apps are quite innovative and hence, people do not get bored and will love to use them on a daily basis.

The Necessity

Nowadays, the life of the people is quite hectic, where they hardly get any time to look after their health until or unless they fall ill. Thus, it was the need of the hour to discover some idea (from the health care point of view) that can be easily placed into the busy schedule of the people to guide them on general health issues.

The Goal

iPatientCare always believe in making the health status of the people better and even, this time the goal was the same. However, this time the targeted audience were not just the patients, but common people as well. We have simply applied theory of ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ in our new medical apps campaign.

Next is ‘Unexpected and Beyond Imagination’

These apps are just the beginning as we are working on more innovative ideas to lead our ‘medical apps campaign’ to multiple level up. In addition, we are also adding valuable features to EHR, so that physicians can cure the patients with more ease and comfort.

Shake hands with us to avail better medical software and applications. You can also mail us at to get in touch.


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