iPatientCare miGlass – The New Revolution Proving The Pertinence of Google Glass in Healthcare

Advancements in technology have always been hailed owing to their contribution to the betterment of humanity. Google glass is one novel technology that has left the world more than amazed. As with other technologies, suspicions regarding its success were raised. Outdoing all the misgivings, it has climbed heights of popularity and emerged as the most happening wearable technology.


Various business segments are looking forward to exploit this new technology invention. iPatientCare, a leading ambulatory care EHR vendor, has come forward with a striking and useful glassware (app) miGlass for Google Glass users.

miGlass is the new wearable technology that will bring a major change in the way patients adhere to their medications. This readily available technology offers many features that have been designed to help patients and providers improve healthcare behavior. miGlass, the user friendly Application, approaches to all the patients with a hands-free, voice-controlled access to clinical data in order to improve healthcare quality by actively engaging them in their own health. It is a real-time voice, video, and image capture technology that enables the sharing of first-hand experiences with healthcare providers.

Patient Engagement ensures improved health outcomes and lowers costs. To enhance the levels of patient engagement and to improve healthcare behavior, miGlass gives clinical reminders and a number of other features. This patient-centric app enhances communication between healthcare providers. Addressing different aspects of patient care, it has emerged as a revolutionary app that empowers patients and healthcare providers to attain positive health outcomes.

miGlass, a Google Glass technology, will transform medical care as it provides different ways to doctors as well as patients to use the device. The overwhelming response that this innovative app gained at HIMSS Annual conference 2014 depicted readiness of people to embrace this wearable technology app. For Google Glass technologies sky is the limit; however, the launch of miGlass has opened the door to incredible possibilities for the ultimate experience in clinician-patient interaction.


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