Glassware Technology

iPatientCare Shaking Hands with Glassware Technology

Google Glass can be considered as the new milestone achieved in the technology sector. When it comes to extending the level of technology and innovation, thinking out of the box is required at the same time it needs to be highly acceptable, and Google Glass is the classic example for this theory. Google glass runs on two different platforms at the same time, i.e. trendy wearable accessory and resourceful technology.

Glassware Technology

Wearable Technology is no doubt going to be a widest technological platform for the near future and the commercial sector. Thus, most of the corporate and public sectors are building the way to avail maximum advantage of this technology. Health care industry is also not the exception as the same has come up with wearable EHR in the form of Google Glass.

What is Wearable EHR?

Wearable EHR is highly advanced application for Google Glass. Through this smart app, physicians can operate complete EHR functionalities on the Google Glass.

Why Glassware Technology for Health Care Industry?

Glassware technology is future and before it start putting impact on the global market largely, every industry should adopt it. In addition, there are multiple advantages that will attract healthcare sector to go for Wearable EHR and they are as follows:

Easy to Carry – Glassware technology is easy to handle as one doesn’t needs to put additional efforts in carrying it. It will more likely act as a part of the body.

Availability – Sometimes, physicians need to walk to multiple medical practices and in such case, it becomes difficult for them to keep an eye on the medical reports and health condition of the patients. But with wearable EHR, it will not be area of concern anymore as they can carry the same wherever, they go.

Accessibility – Though glassware technology is advanced, but it is not complicated at all. Physicians can easily access features and basic functionalities through wearable EHR. Additional training is not required.

Rid of Tablets and Laptops – Physician has to switch to computer system, smartphone or tablet in order to go through EHR, which is again a headache for them. Providers can leverage this technology in order to enhance patient care. Wearable EHR @ iPatientCare.

iPatientcare is known for delivering the application compatible with the latest technology. To keep up with the technological advancement iPatientCare has launched miGlass App which focuses on the needs of the medical practices and physicians. miGlass ensures better patient engagement, improved EHR usability , easy accessibility and all-time availability. Visit the iPatientcare official website to avail more information on miGlass. You can even write us at or call us at 800.741.0981.


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