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iPediatric EHR – A Flawless Platform to keep track of a Child’s Growth & Nutrition

iPediatric EHR is a perfect solution for Pediatricians. A Pediatrician treats childhood illnesses including physical, behavioral, and mental health issues. This software enables you to create and maintain a complete family profile. The Pediatricians have one-click access to the charts and other useful features. This is the only EHR that is designed to meet the unique needs of pediatric practices. iPediatric EHR comes with comprehensive templates and workflow for Annual Physical Exam, Well Child Visit, Sick Visit, Growth Charts approved by CDC and WHO consisting of information like weight, age, stature, BMI, Head Circumference, etc. Additionally, it contains Special Growth Charts for Down’s syndrome and premature babies.

It also has inbuilt immunization tracking and forecasting with help of automated health alerts to provide timely immunizations to the patients.

The redundant data entry is eliminated with functionalities such as automated demographics imports for sibling charts.

The Resourceful Templates of Pediatrics EHR

The Growth Charts eliminate the hassle associated with maintaining them manually. iPediatric EHR enables to charting of preterm, infant, and child growth records. Automated plotting of vital signs to Age, Gender-specific growth charts that include WHO Growth Charts, and Down syndrome patient growth charts.

Immunizations List

A complete customizable immunization master, which includes tracking and alert on pending vaccinations due at the time of visit. The Detailed history is available that assists in better diagnosis.  Also, the consent forms are available to accommodate parental/guardian authorizations in the exam room. The facility to print VIS (Vaccine information sheets) at the time of vaccine administration or prior to scheduling immunization is available. It also shows detailed and summarized reports on immunization. The auto capturing of CPT codes in the charge Capture Immunization Registry is well supported by the standard HL7 immunization interface.

Pediatric Dose Calculator

iPediatric EHR includes this feature that quickly calculates the dose to avoid contradictions and makes sure that a proper pediatric dose is prescribed for the same RX screen. This ensures that the patient is being treated safely and appropriately.

Well Child Exam Templates

It provides the age-specific, pre-loaded Well Child Visit templates for the children from birth to adolescence. It permits you to document historical details such as Internal History like diet and nutrition, sleep habits, elimination, development, social history, and safety. It also provides screenings for eye, hearing, and dental screening, enter anticipatory guidelines along with other facets, of the note template.

School Form & CHDP Form

This gives a unique facility to document school forms. These forms can be customized based on local requirements, therefore in most cases, patients will not need to drop off a blank form in order for you to create it.

CHDP (Child Health and Disability Prevention) is a very useful feature that eliminates error-prone manual processes with solutions and services that reduce the chance of errors or repetitive data entry and can be managed from the same encounter.

Electronic Prescription

iPediatric EHR not only empowers clinicians to send prescriptions and receive Refills Requests but also to acquire full medical history. Through its cloud-based patient portal, it transmits appropriate information to the specified pharmacies quicker, with just one or two clicks. It can also send multiple medications.

Why iPediatric EHR?

iPediatric EHR is specially designed to reduce the workload of Pediatricians by helping them in every way when dealing with the patient. Its features are innovative and supportive which helps give the perfect diagnosis. It not only helps in proper diagnosis but also in managing the appointment and re-appointment of the patients.  This helps the front desk in maintaining the required discipline. It is highly secured, as it maintains the crucial clinical, lab, and medical reports of the patients. Finally, even the charge reports and billing items can also be generated through it. So you can see that with numerous lists of Pediatric EHRs in the market, our analysts provide the best system molded to your needs.

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