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New and Exciting Changes to the EHR!

The Healthcare Electronic records continue to evolve, as the inescapable shift to the cloud is creating new and exciting developments. The practices do not have to maintain hardware and software costs and other technology management functions. Users can access the software with any devices – laptops, tablets, and also smartphones; from any location.

The tools provided by iPatientCare makes things even easier for the providers and front-desk officials. For instance, the scheduler section has improved the way it blocks appointments. Now, it does not allow the front-desk staff to book more than three appointments in one slot. This will reflect in all the practice locations so as to have no confusion. Also the “App Text” feature is called as “established Patient” rather than ‘follow-up’ patient.

The things are made even more easier for the front desk staff, as there is no need to add demographics of the patients manually; it can be easily done by drop-down menu. There is no need to type information, just select! Also can view which other patients are associated with that particular patient. This ‘consolidated account’ will work if the guarantor is attached to more than two patients.

Why cloud based EHR is Physician’s favorite?

Edit Insurance’ option allows you to update or add new insurance, which causes less confusion even if the patients hold more than one insurance policies. Also the ‘pending’ button is enabled only if the patient arrives, so that no unnecessary information is added for the patient who has not showed up at all.

The ‘Template’ is a new feature added on the providers’ side which enables the selected officials to re-utilize the data for other patients. For all the providers, the calculation for different dosages are made now based on BSA system. This system also includes height along with weight and age to calculate the dosage for the prescription, providing even more accuracy. All this can be done from one single screen, where you can create element and create an Order Set.

Making security stronger, ‘Go Preference’ choice does not allow non-users to edit notes. The modified ‘E&M Advisory’ is now working on element basis. There are new options that, are added to it which are ‘age specific’. To save both patients and providers time, there are forms that patients can ‘pre-fill’ before coming for their appointments.

Overall, 2019 is shaping up to be another year of change, and a key element in navigating robust EHR. iPatientCare cloud-based EHR solutions, streamline clinical and financial operations in all aspect.


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