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Manage Prior Authorizations from your EHR

It’s no secret that providers’ offices find prior authorization (PA) for medications frustrating and time-consuming. In fact, PA is named as one of the biggest burdens for the offices with 50 percent of the providers stating that their staff spends up to 20 hours per week on PA requests. Completing forms, time on the phone and faxing leaves 40 percent of prescriptions abandoned.

CoverMyMeds and iPatientCare are proud to partner to deliver an integrated electronic prior authorization (ePA) solution directly within the iPatientCare dashboard for any medication and all health plans, including Medicare Part D, Medicaid, and specialty medications, at no cost to the providers.

Electronic prior authorization automates the PA process by allowing providers to initiate requests at the point of electronic prescribing (E-Prescribing). This direct integration uses the medication and patient’s insurance information to automatically select the correct request and populate it with patient information from iPatientCare records.  Electronic prior authorization also allows pharmacies to initiate a request that was missed at the point of prescribing, giving the provider the ability to access and complete the pre-populated request electronically after a claim has been rejected.

CoverMyMeds’ ePA solution follows the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) SCRIPT Standard that enables patient and drug-specific PA criteria and a real-time determination approval process. This increases speed-to-therapy for patients by 41 percent and reduces prescription abandonment caused by the previously stressful and demanding process, while also giving an average of 2.5 hours per week to the providers to spend with their patients.

CoverMyMeds’ integrated solution is available right now within iPatientCare’s psychiatry EHR software at no additional cost. To learn more about these time-saving benefits, simply reach out to your iPatientCare representative to get started.

Have other questions? CoverMyMeds is ready to help. Give them a call at 866-452-5017, or use the live chat feature at covermymeds.com to speak with a live PA expert instantly.


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