iPatientCare Blog - iPatientCare Launches an EHR Evaluation Tool Gain Worth the Pains?

Measure usability of your current EHR with iPatientCare EHR Evaluation Tool

EHR manages many crucial tasks and workflows within practices. Thus, it is quite essential to choose an appropriate EHR solution to maximize productivity. It is noticeable that most of the practices do not evaluate the post installation productivity factors of EHRs. To evaluate the post installation productivity factors of EHRs, practices must evaluate their current EHR with EHR Evaluation Tool as it helps in determining its usability, interoperability and credibility.


The HealthCare IT experts say – “Having an EHR installed is just not good enough to put you up as a medical facility; it is equally important to check its efficiency to keep the momentum going”.

Looking closely to the needs and wants of practices, iPatientCare a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, has come up with an innovative tool to evaluate tour current EHR. EHR Evaluation Tool.

Learn More about EHR Evaluation Tool

As the name suggests, EHR Evaluation Tool will assist practices in evaluating their current electronic health record software. Here, you might be thinking how can this tool evaluate EHR? We have developed the complete mechanism of the tool after analyzing the variety of EHR systems and their assigned workflows, in sync. We have kept it simple and effective at the same time, so that you can easily use it and can find out the results. EHR evaluation tool is basically focused on needs and wants of Primary Care physicians; this tool is designed to carter needs of primary care physicians including 20 specialties.
How it can be helpful?
EHR Evaluation Tool measures the actual performance of your EHR. The method of evaluating is kept logical, so that physicians and doctors can measure effectiveness of EHR with parameters such as usability, interoperability and credibility. The result will help practices in deciding, whether to continue with current EHR vendor or look for different one. In this way, you can come up with the best EHR for your practices.
What if your EHR fails the Test?
If you do not find your EHR worthy after evaluating, you do not need to worry as you can always take the help of EHR TechXperts available at iPatientCare, and can get the most suitable advice. To get best EHR advice, you can write us at jbartley@ipatientcare.com or call us at 877-863-3328 to discuss pains relevant to your existing EHR. We will be pleased to help you!


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