Patient Engagement

mHealth – Making Patient Engagement Meaningful

We are in an era where constant technological evolution has been happening to minimize human efforts. In order to keep up things more accessible and transparent, HealthCare IT has come up with many remarkable innovative technologies recently in order to provide complete balance to the ecosystem. Healthcare IT experts have been analyzing the patient’s needs and have come up with initiatives for empowering patients as well providers.

Patient Engagement

As industry experts we believe the fact that, ”Doctors or physicians are empowered only when their patients are empowered”. So ultimately the power holder is patient and to make their life hassle free mhealth applications plays vital role in their life.

Patient engagement solutions are important for accomplishing multiple aims of health care like enhancing the quality of care, offering a better patient encounter at reduced cost.

A recent survey revealed some interesting findings which says “People are more engaged and interested in their health when they have quick access to their healthcare data i.e. virtually and handy on their mobiles or other devices”.

Simultaneously, on the other hand patient engagement becomes a necessity for the providers in order to accomplish the foremost objective for medical care ingenuities comprising Meaningful Use, the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH) model, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).

Patient engagement is sometimes very complicated because each involvement is intended to notify, reassure and embolden the patient which must be designed based on proper medical history, health knowledge, social qualifications and other conditions that may intervene with the current care plan.

The buzz word is “mHealth”(mobile Health), the trend of mobiles devices in health care is on hike just because of the smart applications which are capable of sensing and identifying vitals of a patient while they have a hectic life at the same time compromising their health. mHealth Apps have the capability of providing real time vitals even when the patient is having supper or brunch at café or restaurant or may just chucking up in mall for a window shopping. These applications can be as smart as reminding you for your medications, your BMI or reminding you to consume water and many more.

The iPhone and iPad based compatible mHealth applications for patients’ aids as an important internet-based resources as they are the real means of empowering patients. In fact the evolution of wearable technologies like Google Glass, iWatch, sWatch, etc. also helps in patient interaction with mobile devices and other healthcare ecosystems. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G and near field communication radios and sensors are all working together to keep patients connected like never before.

Raising up high with the trends of Hi-Tech demands and our passion to come up with innovations, we have developed our mHealth cloud based bodies as miPatientCare, miEHR, miPHR and many other medication adherence Apps for both patients and providers. As part of corporate social responsibility we have developed free apps for patients with user friendly interface i.e. miCalc, miWater, and miMeds. Not only these but we are even ready with wearable technology i.e. miGlass which encourages the bonding between patients and physicians while making them more responsive towards patient’s care.


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