iPatientCare Blog - miGlass - A Google Glass Health App toward Wearable Health Technology

miGlass – A Google Glass Health App Toward Wearable Health Technology

Google Glass is an amazing concept. It’s soon going to be a must-have for the practitioners in the coming days. Google Glass, a flexible metallic visual head-mounted device is already being used by more than 500 practitioners in about thirty states, for live consulting the patients.

The Google Glass concept used by the practitioners is primarily a high-end glass used for live streaming a patient. It can act as an additional display as well; that can be immediately accessed.

The concept has also turned out to be equally effective in being used with baffling holographic display technology. Well, the medical application of the Google Glasses has been the most convincing so far, through the concepts like miGlass – A Google Glass Health App

In fact, the practitioners have already started using Google Glass Health App, which makes them able in taking a complete therapeutic observance and greater patient engagement.

Google Glass Technology for Advanced Medical Application:

Google Glass has streamlined modern-day therapeutic. Apps like miGlass are the best examples in this regard. Today, the scribe can have sight over the official visits through a Wi-Fi-linked shooter, connected to the practitioner’s glasses. A practitioner can even make fundamental inquiries, about the outcomes of a patient’s past laboratory test report.

The scribe can give answers to these inquiries, which appear in the form of texts in the corner sections of the doctor’s vision domain. Google Glass is also being used as a tool by scientists for sharing concurrent therapeutic information.

Moreover, the latest claims say that the recent advancement in technology can recover the whole detail of the therapeutic history of a patient with a certain practitioner. Such restoring facilities were tough earlier as the practitioners had to depend on their electronic devices only to keep the whole records of each visiting patient. Real-time experience through miGlass, about voice, video, and snaps are simply commendable.

The concepts like miGlass have significantly lightened the expenditure loads of the practitioners as well. Apart from this, they don’t need the extra effort of keeping records of each detail. Hence, it becomes naturally easier for them to recover a past detail these days in the quickest possible time.

What is the Future of the mHealth Apps?

Well, efforts are being put into making the mHealth Apps even handier for the users, like miGlass – A Google Glass App and miWatch – A SmartWatch App. Apart from this, research is being made to develop wearable health technology that can enable practitioners in accessing crucial healthcare information immediately.

This could certainly help in improving the therapeutic standard, especially in taking the right decisions. Also, the technology is speculated to be used in having a comparative analysis of therapeutic issues among millions of people, thus making things easier for decision making.


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