iPatientCare Blog - Mobile EHR for better hands on experience for users

Mobile EHR for better hands on experience for users

“Hello, how may I help…?”
“Your today’s appointment is booked!”
Everything on your iPhone.

Mobile EHR for better hands on experience for users

Yes as its true that presently people are habituated to use their smart phone to perform all their tasks whether it be making a check list for the weekend party or to schedule a reservation into the restaurant or to make any transaction. This inspires the Health Care Tech Giants to come up with the mobile EHR. Mobile users usually feels that using mobile applications and/or mobile websites are user friendly and effective as compared to the utilization of the desktop softwares and/or desktop websites. This results in increment of the user engagement ratio.

“iPatientCare has continuously evolved in Mobile EHR which have eventually helped physicians and patients to communicate very well with each other”, says Mr. Udayan Mandavia, CEO at iPatientCare. This helps in taking the experience to whole new level!

Even by keeping an eye at certain aspects reveals that there is a mass of people who prefers to keep smart phones but not traditional desktops with them; hence this mobile EHR will also bring these users in the communication circle with the physicians.


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