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Our Top 10 Healthcare IT Blog Posts of 2017

Before crossing over into 2018, we’re going to take one more look back at the year that was—and the blog content that you liked the most.

All of us at iPatientCare, Inc. wish you a happy New Year, and we hope you enjoy these posts that were most clicked, read, and shared by our readers in 2017.

New Medicare Cards may affect your Billing process!!

Most medical providers genuinely serve to improve their patients’ health. Fraud in the healthcare system is identical to any other industry and some fraudsters take precedence to unjustly profit. Healthcare crooks include patients, payers, employers, vendors, suppliers, and providers. Orderly crime rings and computer hackers also play roles in committing health care fraud. Due to this, Medicare has taken initiative to get rid of Social Security Numbers from Medicare Cards.

$400 Billion wasted due to RCM inefficiency

Due to Medical Billing errors, hundreds of dollars are lost. The infographics below show the Technology Enabled Services provided by iPatientCare to assist in improving financial performance so as to receive well-deserved long-term benefits.

How a “No Contract” Business Model Preserved our Clients for more than a Decade

Many clients are willing to stay with iPatientCare because of its “No Contract” business model. They have a clear idea that in the long run if there is no balance between them and iPatientCare then they could walk out without any hassle. However, this happens very rarely, since we take maximum efforts from our end to help our Physician Clients.

Telemedicine: Hype or Reality?

Telemedicine refers specifically to remote healthcare services. There is more to telemedicine than you think. It uses electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit. This technology is frequently used for follow-up visits, management of chronic conditions, medication management, and specialist consultation.

Do we need EMR Lite?

Several non-EHR users are beginning to see the value of an EMR and are taking the path of going paperless and staying connected. As some providers continue the use of HIEs (Health Information Exchanges) some of the caregivers are turning to the new EHR alternative being offered, called ‘Lite-EHR’. This helps physicians to have immediate access to all patient treatment information. It also permits the highest level of care possible resulting in improved workflow, reduced costs, and better patient care.

Watch out “Bundling”: Maximize profits through Revenue Cycle

When it comes to choosing whether to bundle medical billing codes and/or to add code modifiers, providers are responsible for knowing what path will result in the smoothest transaction for the facility, the patient, and the insurance company. At the same time following all of the required industry rules.

Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring using EHR – How digital technology transforming?

There is no doubt that telehealth could potentially increase access to healthcare, decrease travel and improve continuity. People often make mistakes by considering telehealth as a replacement for in-office visits. In other words, in-office visits are the best form of care, but using telehealth is a better alternative than patients not seeing a doctor, at all. Conversely, considering all the positive sides of telehealth, the biggest is the lack of standardized payment methods.

Why do we need Patient Engagement Strategies?

Experts say that one of the biggest challenges in the healthcare industry is to integrate meaningful patient engagement strategies into primary care. But at the same time, we need correct technology, broad availability, and effective risk stratification, so that specialty care providers can build patient engagement strategies.

How iPatientCare stood up to Physician Burnout!!!

Recently, I came across an article about Physician Burnout on one of the HealthCare websites, which specified majorly the amount of stress, a Physician goes through just in a day. It isn’t about ‘not’ going out for an annual Vacation or about ‘not’ going out for a Movie over weekends; but in this busy schedule, there are times when Physicians even forget to have their Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner; there have been weeks that they don’t get to see their families.

Impact of Advancing Technology on Patient Safety?

Awareness about the influence of technology in Healthcare, as well as general opinions about the effectiveness of data sharing in improving patient care delivery are being gauged by the researchers. In one of the surveys conducted on hospitals, it was observed that mostly, the use of EHR had a positive impact on patient safety while in many cases, the use of advanced technology either made patients feel less safe or made no impact at all.


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