iPatientCare Blog - PQRS 2016 - It's Time to Report For Quality Strategy You Have Followed Throughout the Year 2016

PQRS 2016 – It’s Time to Report For Quality Strategy You Have Followed Throughout the Year 2016

The time has arrived when healthcare centres have to report the quality strategy that was followed throughout the year 2016! Medical practices are concerned with several responsibilities that are regulated with such strategies that could develop certain issues.

The healthcare centres constantly strive for improving their healthcare quality. The healthcare standards and services need to meet the CMS’s quality thresholds. PQRS can be an initiative for healthcare quality improvement.

What Is PQRS And What Does It Configure?

PQRS 2016 - It's Time to Report For Quality Strategy You Have Followed Throughout the Year 2016PQRS- Physician Quality Reporting System is an incentive program for healthcare quality improvement that has been initiated by the Centres for Medicare and Medicaid Services or CMS. This system induces incentives as well penalties that encourage eligible professionals for reporting quality measures to Medicare.

The PQRS allows the Eligible Professionals as well as group practices to assess the care quality that is provided to the patients which ensure the patients to get proper health care.

The care management organizations need to report as per the quality measures of PQRS. With this the individual EPs and group practices can measure whether they are fulfilling the particular metric quality of healthcare and services or not.

It’s Time to Report!

As the countdown has begun for collecting and reviewing data of 2016 PQRS reporting, the healthcare organizations need to shortlist the ideas for improving data submission successfully.

Structuring the entire process in a smart way, medical practices can avoid penalties. PQRS measures need to be set up in a precise way and along this the data must be recorded with exactness.

How It Can Be Configured As Beneficial?

Capturing the PQRS data in real-time based logically would present the medical practitioners with best clinical practices maintaining patient care. The medical measures need to be addressed relevantly to the patients for which they are rendered treatment for. This amazingly saves the time of practices and also saves the effort of preparing the report.

Sorting out the scrambled report throughout the year and specifically at the end time of reporting period is indeed daunting. But selecting quality measures that are applicable as per the specialty and plans of capturing data is an efficient way of improving care quality and ensure to avoid penalties and earn value modifier payment adjustments.

Factors That the Healthcare Organizations Must Be Aware That Are Related With PQRS

  • The care service providing organizations need to ensure that the reporting requirements of the EHR vendor, registry, and other process are up-to-date or not which can be configured by monitoring the extracted data.
  • It is imperative to ensure that the EHR is precisely configured as per the measures.
  • It is inevitable to verify the measure and EHR workflow that is being followed for maximizing the quality values.
  • The format of the data for reporting is precise or not.
  • The reports must be submitted within deadline.

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