iPatientCare Blog - PQRS Reporting Registry: What to Check before PQRS Reporting 2016

PQRS Reporting Registry: What to Check before PQRS Reporting 2016

Every New Year comes with certain hopes and possibilities. Similar is the case with the reporting systems. Talking about PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System), the year 2016 has undoubtedly brought some noteworthy changes, which are like must-knows.

In the case of both claim based and registry-based reporting, the certified professionals need to prepare reports on nine measures across 3 NQS domains for a minimum half of the Medical Part B fee for service patients. In addition, Medicare is not going to take any measures into account, with the one having zero percent performance rates.

PQRS Reporting Registry: What to Check before PQRS Reporting 2016

MAV Set To Return!

In case, lesser than nine measures are appropriate, then one as the eligible professional needs to report on the whole of the measures available to your expertise for a minimum half of your Medicare Part V-FFS patients.

Once this happens, you are going to be the matter to Measures Applicability Validation (MAV), a practice that lets Medicare conclude whether you should have prepared reports on extra measures.

In addition, once you come across with minimum one Medicare patient in an authorized visit in 2016, then you need to report on minimum one cross-cutting measure, no matter lesser than nine measures be relevant for you as an authorized professional.

The Penalty Is Going To Be Equivalent

Once you be unsuccessful to meet the reporting needs for 2016, then you are going to have two percent negative payment adjustment on the entire Medicare Part B payments in the year 2018.

A Very Little Modification to GPRO

GPRO is a significant method for group reporting for PQRS (registry). This time, Medicare has not put any major efforts in easing down GPRO. In fact, it has put an extra stage to the MAV process for it, pitching in an evaluation of cross-cutting measures authenticity.

List of PQRS Has Extended

Those who think the number of measures in last year was a bit too high, it is here to mention them that the year has extended it even further. This year, there are total 281 PQRS measures for you.

It’s a fact that there are fresh measures groups for the year. But, not any of those is applicable to PTs, OTs and SLPs.

There Might Be No PQRS In 2017!

According to the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA), the downward payment regulation in relation with PQRS is going to be valid through 2018.

However, the literature suggests that PQRS penalties might not be applicable to any later years. In short, if there is no payment adjustment, there is no PQRS as well. As the 2018 penalty is in accordance with the 2016 reporting details, possibility holds that PQRS could close down in 2017 itself.


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