Top 5 Reasons why Providers need Customized Specialty EHR Templates

Top 5 Reasons why Providers need Customized Specialty EHR Templates

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are constantly changing and enable providers to make measurable improvements in the delivery of care for their patients. Their peak potential has a long way to go and healthcare providers shouldn’t accept the status quo.

Most providers typically utilize only the basic functions of their EHR systems. Electronic health record templates provide a custom form that helps providers gather, organize, and clearly show clinical data. When used correctly the provider has more time to focus on the patient. For example, a basic EHR format will only allow for symptoms to be written down but one with a custom template can read patterns and provide auto-fill suggestions to optimize the encounter.

These are the top 5 reasons why customized specialty EHR templates are needed.

  1. Doesn’t require vendor assistance

A major benefit of a custom EHR template, is that it allows you to make quick edits, even during patient visits. You don’t need to rely on your vendor, and it gives you the freedom to manage your workflow efficiently, without any interruptions.

  1. Improved Efficiency

Since the EHR templates are already customized to provide the accurate workflow and charting of your specialty, you and your staff members will have more time and attention for your patients.

  1. Increased Personalization

A custom specialty EHR template allows you to tailor your templates from the highest needs on down. You can define a list of patients according to their name, age, or unique condition. This helps with documentation while adding personalization to patient care.

  1. Organizational Workflow 

Patient’s documents such as, lab reports, clinical data, and care plans can be optimized within workflows and quickly accessed.

  1. Better Assessment of Emergency Needs

A well-customized template makes it possible to identify the tools required during an emergency and contact the appropriate clinicians.

Having pre-loaded specialty specific EHR templates that can be customized, is important to maintain high practice standards of care.

iPatientCare is proud to offer best practice customizable specialty EHR software. To further explore our Medical Specialty EHR Software, Contact Us today and access our free demo.

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