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Without any pitfall, select the right kind of EHR for your Practice

First and foremost it is very important to know the needs of your practice and prioritize them. There is no need to create manual workarounds and then transfer them to the system afterward. This is more time-consuming and takes away the whole point of having an EHR!

The practices are being forced to constantly adapt to regulatory changes.  Now can be the right time to make a switch and select a flexible system that is easily adaptable and whom you can trust. You may establish a process for selecting the right kind of Psychiatry EHR for your practice. Diligence and leadership are important when considering this change.

Firstly, remember that every practice is unique. Their needs will be prioritized in a different way, from specialty to provider to region to patient demographics. Only you can understand your practice’s unique requirements and challenges.

Secondly, it is important that your team understands the intricacies of your EHR system and the workflow of your practice, for example, whether you want to hire an outside billing company, manage in-house billers of your own, or find a revenue team you can trust.

Lastly, should have an up-to-date support team that does more than just solve problems as they arise. The support must include implementation, training, product upgrades and enhancements, open communication, and prioritizing your success. This means that the partner you choose must be with knowledgeable experts who not only can help but are willing to help.

A unique partner for your unique practice

iPatientCare offers a suite of solutions designed to address the needs of your practice. Whether you are a growing practice, a Community Health Center, or a single provider, they will understand your daily workflows, reduce clicks, and eliminate redundancies.

Customization is important in your EHR system as it improves efficiency and productivity while providing better service to patients. For example, a cardiology-specific EHR must include templates for abnormal stress tests and EKGs. It should also include the ability to import the results of tests, scans, and cardiac-specific documentation. In case of an emergency, such information on a cardiologists’ mobile device lets them communicate with the emergency room, ICU, or hospital for better outcomes.

For EHR, it is important to have templates with body diagrams, available in multiple view choices.  This helps chiropractors in finding the right cause of the patient’s complaints and giving them proper treatment. Another example is dermatology. Having templates to document the visual format of skin conditions not only helps in review and treatment but also in-patient communication and physician reports.

In this manner, each specialty will have a unique set of templates that will provide your practice with convenience and efficiency. In all the EHRs, customization of your practice locations, duration of illness, severity, timing, and treatments given (history) is very vital. Selecting a replacement is more stressful than selecting your first EHR. Just to save yourself from the hassle of switching an EHR, do not stay with a system that is not offering you what you need. In long run, you will not be satisfied with the results. So make your move now and have a proactive partner so that you feel they are just down the hall!


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