Social Media Marketing In Healthcare: Avoiding Regulatory Pitfalls

Social media channels are emerging as big fish in the corporate marketing sector as they are helping different industry verticals to a wider extent in presenting their product and services among the billions. When it comes to health care industry, the figures supporting social media marketing are more than expected as a recent survey claims that “Around 40% of the patients like to discuss their health problems and seek for solutions on the popular social media sites”. Thus, it is quite essential for the medical practices to have sound social media presence to reach and serve maximum number of ailing and diseased people.

Health care facilities can avail maximum advantages by being active on social networking sites and can educate people about various health concerns. A reputed medical practice in California recently held a social media campaign to make people aware about the viral fever in a highly affected area. The campaign initiated before winters, so that they can get hold of maximum people. As a result, there were tremendous downfall in the total number of affected people this year in comparison to previous five years. Several NGOs acknowledged the efforts of the medical practice was awarded by official Health Care Department of the state.

The story doesn’t end here. The medical facility in return earned tremendous fame and massive response from the people and patients which proved them to be a socially responsible facility. The facility was successful in grabbing the attention of the crowd and had large number of patients consulting unlike earlier years. The facility was successful in curing maximum patients that suffered from viral fever. This incident clearly indicates that if social media campaigns are planned effectively, then they can be highly helpful for the health care industry. The medical practices can analyze the health conditions of the ailing people around their region or locality and accordingly, can come up with the best suitable medical plans and can promote the same through social networking sites, like – Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and others.

Through their social media accounts, medical practices can update the existing patients and prospects about the new health care technology and medical plans recently adopted by them. The physicians can be in touch with number of patients being on social media websites and can help them in answering their problems and can discuss regarding various health care concerns. At the initial stage, medical practices are not required to have full-fledged social media marketing plans; later as per their growth, they can switch to commercial plan.


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