Allergy EHR – Ideal Platform to Track Allergies and Vitals

EHR Software for Allergy & Immunology – Ideal Platform to Track Allergies and Vitals

iPatientCare allergy EHR software in healthcare industry has proved to be a modern and efficient EHR for Allergy and immunology practice. Similar to other specialties Allergists and immunologists are in a lookout for a specialty specific EHR that understands their unique workflow at the same time simplifies their common procedures. With immense capability and easy accessibility, iPatientCare EHR stands ahead of its competitors and assures better security, reliability and technical feasibility to its clients. The specialty specific EHR takes care your allergy workflow and makes sure that it runs smoothly and seamlessly, allowing you to perform exams according to your proven workflow, not the other way around.

Reason to Launch EHR Software for Allergy

The official health care body of the USA has conducted a survey in April 2014 which states – “Every third patient that hits the physician office or other health care practice suffers from allergy”. It clearly indicates that the number of allergic patients in the United States is dead high. These numerous allergic patient can be treated only by continuous treatment. Thus, it becomes crucial for the health care facilities to keep the vital records of the allergic patients. Manual handling of such big data can be highly complicated and also much time consuming to maintain. Hence, to ease the complexity and provide a better interface to treat allergic patients, we have come up with smart viable software as solution, known as allergy EHR.

Software Requirement of the Immunologist

With the technical advancement in health care industry. Immunologists are always in a great requirement of a system that would gel with their working procedure and can help them in below listed administrative and documentation tasks:

  • Maintain the records of the current allergy test and previous ones
  • Provide easy access to the previous reports
  • Maintaining the data of the relevant medications
  • Setting up auto reminders and alerts
  • Assisting in charge capturing and billing procedures

Resourceful Content of Allergy EHR

The allergy & Immunology EHR is developed after thoroughly analyzing the need of the immunologists. Thus, it is packed with extremely helpful and smart features that can really bring the difference in treating the patients and in managing their crucial medical records:

  1. Allergy Shot – The immunology & allergy EHR offer the flexibility to capture and maintain distinct allergy shots details that can be helpful in healing the patient.
  2. Asthma Control Test – Asthma has its roots in allergy. Thus, allergic patient are required to undertake asthma control test. allergy & immunology EHR software holds the test report of the patient, which can be used further in treating the patient and in providing medical prescription.
  3. Allergy Master Module – Immunology & allergy EHR provides allergy master module holds the record of various types of allergies. Also, it is customizable which provides physicians the flexibility to introduce new allergy type as and when required.
  4. Patch Test – iPatientCare Allergy EHR software provides patch test templates which helps in diagnosing the exact reason of the skin allergy.
  5. Skin Test – The Skin Test template allows you to quickly document skin test results and define antigens, allergens and diluents for therapy from a single screen. Users can

Auto captures functionality for CPT code and number of units in the charge capture.
Define custom panels
Define allergens, diluents, histamines and antigens
Document skin tests using wheal and flare or scores
Vial Mix

Customizable Vial Mix option gives feasibility for the user to prepare the Allergen- Antigen Vial Mixes based on patients’ allergy detection.

Vial Mix shows the present dose, mix type, schedule, frequency, expiry date for the vial, indication of expired vials, and maintenance dose.

A functionality to set flag as a reminder for urgent or future allergy shots and can route internally.

How EHR software can be Helpful for Allergy & Immunology?

The above mentioned features of the allergy EHR software are so innovative and supportive that can reduce the work load of the immunologists by helping them in each move while dealing with the patient. In addition, it will also offer helping hand in diagnosing the allergy type of the patient with its inbuilt templates. Even, it will help in managing the appointment and re-appointment of the patients which will assist the front desk in maintaining the required discipline. Also, it is highly secured to maintain the crucial clinical, lab and medical report of the patients. Last but not the least, charge reports and billing items can also be generated through it.

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