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Allergy and Immunology is a medical specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of allergy and immunology diseases including asthma, hay fever, hives, eczema, and drug & food allergies.
Allergy disorders are wide-ranging and cross the organ-based disciplines; hence, allergists also require knowledge of other specialties, particularly respiratory medicine, dermatology, ENT and pediatrics. Allergy disease varies from mild to life-threatening and because of the specific needs of this specialty; allergists need dependable and reliable software that can provide them with their allergy specific needs in order to improve their practice.
iPatientCare Allergy EHR is a configurable solution designed to improve office workflow and productivity. The ready to use templates configured especially for the focused specialty allows complete customization to match your specialty needs. The architectural beauty and user friendly template sets it apart from any other EHR serving allergy and immunology specialists.

Allergy Shot

iPatientCare allows you to document patient’s allergy shot details that ensures patient safety and improve efficiency. The Allergy Shot offers:

  • Quick documentation of pre- and post-injection and reaction if occurred with present shots
  • Prompt validation and warnings for expired vitals that increases patient safety
  • Automated Patient Shot Schedules with color coded shot histories.
  • Access to previous skin test just on a click
  • Setup reminders for future tasks
  • Documentation of Peak Flow readings
  • Documenting local and systemic reactions and any associated symptoms with customizable templates
  • Auto charge capturing

Asthma Control Test

Since Allergy and Immunology medical branch is closely associated to a respiratory disease Asthma, iPatientCare provides an automatic assessment tool for Asthma through a simple questionnaire and an asthma plan as an guide to asthmatic patients.

Customizable Allergy Master Module

iPatientCare provides you a completely customizable Allergy Master module though they are pre-loaded and ready to use.

Patch Test

The Patch Test template in iPatientCare EHR helps to diagnose skin allergies and identify the substances that cause allergy symptoms.

Practice Dashboard

The patients with Allergy Shot as an appointment reason will move automatically in Clinician’s Queue for Allergy Shot documentation. Since the Allergy Shot is almost taken care by the clinician, it helps in viewing the patients both in pre and post-Allergy Shot windows and associated pending or performed tasks with the shot with an elapsed and reading time in the Waiting queue.

Skin Test

The Skin Test template allows you to quickly document skin test results and define antigens, allergens and diluents for therapy from a single screen.

With this users can:

  • Auto capture functionality for CPT code and number of units in the charge capture.
  • Define custom panels.
  • Define allergens, diluents, histamines and antigens.
  • Document skin tests using wheal and flare or scores.


  • iPatientCare has MidMark Spirometer device interface that allows an easy capturing of spirometer results. Diagnosing test results automatically gets populated within the patient's chart.
  • Compare test results with trending feature to view patient progress from the EHR

Vial Mix

  • A customizable Vial Mix option gives feasibility for the user to prepare the Allergen- Antigen Vial Mixes based on patients’ allergy detection.
  • Vial Mix shows the present dose, mix type, schedule, frequency, expiry date for the vial, indication of expired vials, and maintenance dose.
  • A functionality to set flag as a reminder for urgent or future tasks and can route internally.

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