Building a digital infrastructure for a responsive healthcare system

One of the most essential segments of technology is digital infrastructure, which streamlines healthcare processes across the care continuum. Modern solutions with digital infrastructure empower healthcare providers to achieve smarter, effective, and responsive care with reduced costs and improved patient experience.

The importance of building smarter digital infrastructure?

The Healthcare industry is extremely unpredictable, it isn’t enough to streamline standard processes, as patient needs can change per their situation. Therefore, healthcare providers need to be prepared with a smarter digital infrastructure that meets the evolving needs and expectations of patients. Additionally, it will enable healthcare organizations to rapidly develop new capabilities within their healthcare system and restructure their workflows as needed.

Elements of building smarter digital infrastructure

There are three main elements of building smarter digital infrastructure relevant to healthcare providers.

Digital core: This includes multi-cloud architectures, which are often made up of six to eight different public or private cloud platforms. This allows the organization to pick the right clouds for the right workloads and provides the ability to deploy and scale infrastructure on demand.

Digital edge: Users, patients, partners, and utility devices drive operational efficiency. It improves user experience and meets the low-latency requirements of certain applications. It can also be scaled to build local analytic capabilities, supporting local data management and analytics for real-time decision-making.

Digital exchange: It is imperative to develop a digital ecosystem with a sustainable growth strategy. Using API-based digital services and exchanges empowers healthcare providers to innovate and collaborate to build new digital capabilities by tapping into these rich ecosystems.

The implications of having the smarter digital infrastructure

Smarter digital infrastructure provides an opportunity to improve current healthcare patterns and develop modern solutions. It enables organizations to make accurate health-related decisions with shared input and active participation from patients, caregivers, and the population at large.

A smarter digital infrastructure is vital for:

  • Helping engage the healthcare system, the population, and the patient
  • Leveraging existing programs and policies
  • Anchoring an ultra-large-scale systems approach
  • Emphasizing the decentralization of complex healthcare patterns
  • Fostering a sociotechnical perspective, focused on the population
  • Weaving a strong trust fabric among each stakeholder
  • Allowing continuous evaluation and improvement

How has digital infrastructure transformed patient engagement?

Utilizing digital infrastructure, healthcare organizations can ensure that they’re expanding their strategic advantage for improving patient outcomes. This is of fundamental importance, as there has been a notable shift in how doctors and patients are engaging with each other.

The COVID 19 pandemic has accelerated the already shifting patient engagement and care models. Patients have taken a more active role their own health. This is creating a bit of a shift in the power dynamic where patients enter into a partnership role with their care team. In addition to this, digital health experiences are now preferred not only by younger generations, but across the broader population demographics. COVID-19 has spurred older generations to become adept at using digital platforms where they weren’t before. Organizations will likely need to permanently adopt telemedicine systems into their IT infrastructure.

Each time a health crisis occurs, the healthcare industry learns from it and prepares for  future events. While it is impossible to plan for every possibility, we can ensure our systems and technologies are prepared to react, adapt, and progress with a flexible digital infrastructure and a healthcare system the is ready to respond to unexpected situations.


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