iPatientCare Blog - EHR Revolution brings best features for the Physicians

EHR Revolution brings best features for the Physicians

The usage of EHR was started when private industry took a look over the reports generated by The Institute of Medicine (IOM) way back ago in the mid of 1980s then in 1991 and again in 1997 and helped the health care industry by providing software to maintain electronic health records rather then using traditional methods of maintaining the hard-copy. That was the time when going paperless would help a lot in many means like time, money, resources etc. Then came the phase into which users started facing some technical problems with the system; For Eg: System crash would result in tremendous loss in patients’ health data, lack in patient-physician communication…

EHR Revolution brings best features for the Physicians

As a result the EHR progress caught a high speed in order to provide the best out of the technology. Hence the health care technology industry came up with some additional features which could provide legibility, comprehensiveness and easier access to information. Now Doctors have no requirement of remembering the complete treatment options.

President of iPatientCare, Inc. Mr.Udayan Mandavia has a vision in mind to keep on providing the best Ambulatory EHR platform into the industry. And hence iPatientCare EHR comes with hundreds of adapters to connect with pharmacies, your favourite labs, immunization and state registries, Health Information Exchanges, other EHR/Practice Management Systems and much more. These connectors allow you to extend your reach beyond your practice and help in reducing errors, bringing in efficiency!


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