How iPatientCare is arming its providers to combat COVID-19

How iPatientCare is arming its providers to combat COVID-19

In the time where, healthcare organizations, doctors, clinicians, nurses, and other medical facilities have their hands full battling the COVID-19 pandemic, iPatientCare understands its responsibility of providing the infrastructure to them. During these difficult times, it is also important to consider how much the clients are relying on healthcare information technology, capacity, flexibility and support. The team at iPatientCare is working hard to arm the providers with the tools and support to manage cases, analyze data and assess patients remotely.

In addition to equipping clients, iPatientCare had also taken steps to protect the workforces from infection by implementing work-at-home policies, so that the clients don’t have to suffer in this crisis.

Here’s how armor setup looks like. 

Integrated virtual care –

Virtual care adds a layer of safety for providers. Using iPatientCare’s virtual care, they don’t have to endanger themselves or other patients directly to coronavirus. Integrated virtual healthcare solutions enable providers to identify and treat patients without requiring them to come to a medical facility. miPatientCare is designed to provide “anywhere anytime” access to a patient’s clinical records, access changes to the clinical summary, lab reports, refill requests and many more via mobile or tablet applications. It also allows providers to view and schedule appointments and tasks from patients.

How iPatientCare is arming its providers to combat COVID-19

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring –

Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring has become a key technology for doctors to continue to work with and treat patients from a distance. iPatientCare’s telemedicine and patient monitoring platform facilitates providers to have multi-participant video calls, capturing diagnostics, medication adherence, and expansion of unified longitudinal patient records remotely and perpetually by integrating diagnostic devices, wearables, and mobile devices.

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iPatientCare’s telemedicine does not require local installations or browser plugins, its advanced collaboration tools with clinical documentation and interoperability capabilities for multi-participant makes it valuable in the time of this crisis.

Interoperability through Health Information Exchange

In the time of crisis, the speed of health information exchange between providers definitely needs to be better to curb the speed of infection spreading among the patients. iPatientCare interoperability through Health Information Exchange (HIE) provides a framework for disparate clinical systems to interact with each other and building a collaborative portal that facilitates a holistic view of a patient’s medical record captured at various care settings, integrated with health systems, and as updated by the patients. Providers value iPatientCare’s HIE because it allows provider-to-provider referrals and consults for delivering seamless care across inpatient and outpatient settings. Amidst this pandemic, HIE helps in reporting patient demographics, medical history, vitals, labs/tests, diagnosis, procedures, medications, immunizations, isolations, etc. across the healthcare system.

Patient Portal to handle questions and secure messaging

The corona virus crisis stretches material and people resources to their limits. Providers can use the patient portal to gain efficiencies and reduce some of the workload through automation. Patient’s self-help capabilities are critically important, and therefore patient portals are playing an important role to help manage the tremendous demand of care during this crisis.

iPatientCare’s patient portal integrates with EHR, and gives unprecedented access to personalized communication, content, and care management. Providers can also personalize the portal with their branding and value system. With the help of patient portals, providers can maximize the use of virtual healthcare channels – especially when health services are under increasing pressure.

How iPatientCare is arming its providers to combat COVID-19

New cases of the coronavirus continue to emerge across the globe. iPatientCare requests providers and facility administrators not to take risk when caring for coronavirus patients. Using technology is the need of the hour as it’s the safest way to care and stay uninfected.

iPatientCare has an important responsibility to help providers, associates and clients to stay safe at the workplace. We also assure them about workforce support, community support and client support.


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