Improving Patient Care & Satisfaction Through Efficient Digital Healthcare Solutions

Improving Patient Care & Satisfaction Through Efficient Digital Healthcare Solutions

As a provider, to stay competitive and address a bulk of new challenges, you must consistently adapt and embrace new healthcare technologies and solutions to enhance the capabilities of the workflow and to improve patient care & satisfaction. If your patients don’t feel engaged towards their health coordination they won’t be opting for your services again.

Therefore, improving patient experience, along with engagement, has become paramount. Redefined care coordination and the ways through which providers make themselves available to patients have played a very important role in imparting patient engagement and care.

Nowadays patients are expecting you to have the latest digital capabilities, where they get virtual care centers, personalized responses, command over health-related data, and whatnot.

To understand the need for efficient digital healthcare solutions, here we have elaborated on what kind of efforts you should bring to your practices that can have a big influence on patients’ choice to seek care.

Virtual care centers drive new generation patients

According to Accenture’s 2019 Digital Health Consumer Survey, more than 50 percent of patients are expecting providers to have digital capabilities at their practice.

New generation patients have grown up in the latest technological environment. They have a different approach to trust values in healthcare. They don’t like the traditional healthcare services pattern and are also not satisfied with the level of transparency in care distribution.

Instead, they are looking for something sustainable, upgradable, and more inclined towards the latest technology. For example, in the pandemic of COVID-19, telehealth technology has played a significant role in delivering patient care and satisfaction. Utilizing technologies will not only help you meet the changing expectations of healthcare consumers but also push you to improved patient care whenever it’s needed most.

Mobile healthcare solutions empower patients to have more control over their care

Every one of us is tied to a string of mobile technology where we have direct interaction with different forms of technological advancements. This is where healthcare tech is also playing a major role in keeping up with patients and have them access the right solutions at right time.

The most effective way for you to stay in constant touch with your patient is to have your mobile health application. The patient can utilize these apps, with their smartphone or tablets. These are a cost-effective way for you to boost engagement and encourage patients to track their vital signs and symptoms. They can also indulge in activities like, getting an appointment, refilling their medicines, access healthcare data, start a conversation over chat or phone call whenever it is necessary.

This small change could go a long way in reducing the number of unnecessary hospital visits and could free up you to focus on more critical cases.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in patient engagement and quality care. 

AI-enabled patient-engagement strategies have become very powerful these days. With the AI solutions, you can integrate voice-enabled tools or chatbots or other omnichannel plans to give personalized patient experiences while engaging with them. The whole patient interactions can get accurately analyzed to conclude on high-quality intelligence reports.

Machine learning techniques also allow you to improve on employees’ productivity, which leads to increased satisfaction and hence increases patients’ quality care.

Bringing in Healthcare and clinical quality

Quality of healthcare also depends on the silo mentality of your staff. Poor execution of plans and utilization of technology can even turn your patients to your competitors.

The solution lies in relying on digital transparency and data-oriented operations. Bringing in the clinical quality using technical tools, you can set some standards such as lower readmission rates for the same sickness, reduction in after-care solutions that restrict routine, decreased length of hospital stay, and many more. All these translate as better, faster, and more accurate treatment.

Analytical data grabbed from Electronic Health Record is a real-time goldmine for you. It helps you to build the right strategies for administration, business planning, marketing, and enhancing patient experiences.

Tips to enhance Patient Experience

  • Work on balanced patient satisfaction
  • Assess the performance of the entire care team
  • Regularly measure insights from healthcare analytics
  • Utilize digital technologies with responsibility
  • Interact and motivate your staff periodically

Improving patient experience and giving them satisfaction for the services they had has become a priority in the healthcare industry. Modern patients prefer getting treated like customers, they are shifting from fee-for-service to value-for-service model. They expect personalized and technologically-advanced treatment or services from healthcare providers.

Improving Patient Care & Satisfaction Through Efficient Digital Healthcare Solutions

The healthcare industry is also adapting to these dynamic changes. Providers like you have the capabilities to match patient expectations, you just have to bring in higher engagement activities with your patients. you furthermore may need to specialize in optimized diagnostics, loyalty cultivation, and technological infusion. However, the right balance between human and machine usage is also essential. Complete automation is not the key to patient satisfaction. Most importantly, never neglect patient feedback and always deliver accurate, prompt, and reliable care.


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