iPatientCare Launched miWatch in iPatientCare National User Conference 2014

Innovations.Creations.Ideas.Explorations. – That’s how we, at iPatientCare work to generate better outcomes. Recently, in iPatientCare NUCON we launched and demonstrated our new wearable product i.e. miWatch


iPatientCare, a pioneer in mHealth and cloud-based ambulatory EHR and integrated Practice Management solutions introduced its one more innovation – ‘miWatch’, yet Another Innovative Wearable App on Android Ware Based Smartwatches to improve the Medication Adherence. miWatch is a very much handy watch which validates for its unique uses as innovative wearable App Technology in HealthCare IT.

miWatch is designed for providers to ease their practice management by reminding about appointments, Rx-refill requests, Labs/Test results, unread messages, and much more. miWatch, for patients is a boon as it includes a very handy access to reminders for medication adherence, appointment with doctors, provides alerts and notifications from patient portal, maintaining better patient engagement.

We believe to drive ourselves serving better outcomes and meaningful solutions to our practices and their patients. Hence, miWatch is aimed in such a way that it is useful to physicians, office managers, staff and patients.

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