iPatientCare VUCON-2015

iPatientCare Virtual User Conference is back with VUCON January 2015 session!

With the enthusiasm for the year 2015, iPatientCare is back with VUCON 2015 with exclusive educational monthly sessions. iPatientCare is glad to invite you and your colleagues to the upcoming iPatientCare Virtual User Conference (VUCON), to be held on January 15, 2015.


Looking up to the trends, we are providing sessions to our end user on ‘What all you need to know about Incentives, Penalties and Case Management – Beginning 2015 Onwards!’

Many practices are facing troubles and challenges in various incentive programs in order to manage certain segmented processes like how to participate and their subsequences, gains and losses, etc. and struggling to cope up with them. In respect to these concerns, we would like to enlighten most influential areas; incentives and penalties associated with various programs. We will go through the adversity of penalties affecting your financial impact 2015 onwards and earning more incentives.

It is a crucial and very important task to manage the cases of your patients with accuracy. What if we provide you a demonstration on performing a better case management within your own iPatientCare Practice Management software? A newly added feature of iPatientCare. In this VUCON January 2015, we have planned to provide you the trending and most important guidelines on the below topics for your Practice’s betterment.

Important areas of the session, which we shall be covering:

1. Count your Incentives and Penalties – Beginning 2015
o Incentive Programs – Get better understanding on current status and heading challenges
o Incentives and Penalties in 2015 and onwards
o Penalties can have high cumulative financial losses
o How iPatientCare, your technology partner can help you to achieve your targets?
2. Understanding Case Management
o Case Management as Episode of Care
o Case Management handling by Insurance Plan
o Speed up claims processing – An Automated Process

To know more about iPatientCare VUCON January 2015, Visit our website NOW!


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