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Know How – Advancements in Cardiology Billing

The physicians are trying to withstand the research advancements in diagnosis and treatment procedures of cardiac ailments. To cope with these advancements in cardiac care standards, physicians rarely find time and resources that can manage the billing and coding of their services. This can affect revenue generation, patient inflow, referrals, and much more.

While billing for Medicare services, the new CMS will allow differentiating between heart failure and transplant cardiologists to clinical cardiologists. The new specialty code for “advanced heart failure and transplant cardiology” will be in place for heart failure specialists and transplant cardiologists. Before this was cited as duplicate billing. With help of this; the same practice can submit separate billings even if they treat the same patient. There will be no confusion regarding duplicate billing.

Up to now, heart failure specialists received more concentrated training than standard cardiologists who focus on taking care of patients with advanced heart failure or heart transplants. Heart failure patients are portrayed as a large part of hospital readmissions, as they are given the severity of the illness and the treatment they require.

The CMS is providing new billing codes for doctors who specialize in treating heart failure rather than general ‘cardiologists’ for Medicare services. This will take about a year or more to be put into practice, once the CMS takes the necessary steps to create this new code. This can be challenging for physicians/cardiologists as they have to know the new regulations and know how to apply them. Since today’s practices strive to anticipate and respond to the lifelong needs of their patients, and health insurers; they will need time to learn and process the information. The focus should not turn away from serving patients as they are required to report data on patient experience, which includes patient satisfaction and engagement.

Outsourcing your medical billing process to skilled offshore and renowned medical billing companies like iPatientCare can be extremely fruitful to cut down on operating costs and your practice can benefit from lower denials.

Consequently, the service of certified and experienced billing and coding professionals becomes crucial to appreciation in physicians’ revenue generation, patient inflow and referrals, and efficiency. iPatientCare’s experts who are specialized in cardiology billing and coding services are certified, tech-savvy, experienced, and efficient. They have been critical to error-free and denial-free billing and coding services, providing results that show an increase in medical billing reimbursements of your practice. Customized services for your practice will be equally beneficial too.

Our experts at iPatientCare understand the Cardiology specific CPT codes and that they are not to be attached with modifiers. iPatientCare’s billers and coders are also known for their expertise in billing and coding ablation procedures, myocardial perfusion imaging, etc. Through their knowledge of diverse cardiology billing and coding, our specialists have been able to deliver a unique set of value-added services. We can help eliminate the risk of audits, reduce claim submission delays, cardiologists with a singular focus on patients can maintain a higher level of efficiency in providing services, reduction in account receivables to a negligible percentage, and complete of claim cycle within 60 days, decrease in clients’ overhead and operating costs, consequent to outsourcing our experts’ billing and coding services, also continual research on coding regulations and changes to have claims reimbursed without interruption and application of suitable modifiers to have the denied claims reimbursed. iPatientCare’s experts possess a wide variety of skills that include, but are not limited to –

  • Over-due collections
  • Electronic claim filing
  • Medicare audit protection
  • Coding and diagnosis analysis for the highest permissible reimbursement
  • Custom-made accounts receivable reports
  • Revenue cycle financial analysis
  • Claims submissions
  • Patient statements
  • Persistent insurance follow-up
  • Denial management and payment posting

iPatientCare’s medical billers and coders are experienced in insurance collections which can be a tedious job for someone who lacks experience in this area. Our billers and coders understand how critical timely insurance collections are for the physicians as well as the patient. Their experience and relationship across all kinds of payers will help your clinic collect better revenues. Their in-depth knowledge makes them capable to perform in almost every specialized area of medicine. All our experts are compliant with HIPPA guidelines and are updated with all industry updates. This is going to be a critical milestone for advanced heart failure and cardiac transplant specialists, validating their critical role and contribution to patient care.

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Tejhas Vyass, a technocrat and result-oriented with over 11 years of experience in the US Healthcare Industry works with iPatientCare users during their inbreeding, involvement, enrollment, training, configuration, and go-live assistance. He possesses an in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the US medical insurance and revenue cycle management for small and medium-sized physicians’ offices. An effective communicator with exceptional relationship management skills, iPatientCare users admire him for his knowledge, brilliance, and willingness to help during any and every step of implementation and support.


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