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iPatientCare Cardiology EHR and Practice Management systems are tailored to meet the specific needs of Cardiologists. Our Cardiology clients tell us that they see real financial, clinical, and operational results. The system can easily be customized so that it will adapt to your workflow and method of practicing.
iPatientCare Cardiology EHR ensures fast and efficient healthcare to patients. As a practice, Cardiologists frequently receive laboratory results which are critical by nature. iPatientCare clearly signals the Cardiologist within the EHR that critical lab results have been received.

Cardiology Specific Medication Templates

iPatientCare Cardiology EHR has been uniquely designed and developed specifically for our cardiologists. Our Cardiology EHR includes many custom templates for history of present illness, complaints, review of systems, medication prescribing, and CPT coding.

Our Templates feature intuitive pick-lists, and checkboxes simplify documentation which encourages chart completion. The flexible template editor enables the practice to customize and add templates based on their preferences, enable caregivers to provide a higher level and more focused approach to improving patient care and the overall experience within each practice.

Automated documentation i.e. dictation and transcription services significantly reduce cost. Additionally, complete the exams and diagnostic tests quickly and easily by clicking Cardiology template content and workflow.

A significant reduction in the cost of dictation / transcription.

Our pre-defined macros and easy to use point and click templates

Cardiology Specific Medication Templates

Clinical Decision Support

Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) is an important element in the field of clinical knowledge management technologies, the interactive function incorporated into EHRs assist health professionals in making decisions and providing appropriate clinical care through their capacity to support the clinical process and use of knowledge, from diagnosis and investigation through treatment and long-term care.

CDSS are typically designed to provide a broad variety of support, including reminders for overdue treatments, alerts for abnormal values, and assistance with medication prescribing. It can be useful specifically for the management of chronic diseases that require ongoing patient follow-up and a variety of interventions; in all an integrated knowledge base to generate case specific advice.


Clinical Decision Support

Integration with Medical Devices

Cardiologists rely heavily on medical devices which help to monitor and detect abnormalities of the heart; hence iPatientCare Cardiology EHR provides integration with medical devices like Midmark and Welch Allyn to store the results of EKG, Holter Monitor, Spirometers, and other devices. This will greatly benefit a specialty-specific practice.

iPatientCare allows seamless import of information from ambulatory testing devices including lab equipment and imaging equipment. The detailed information and images from these devices are imported into iPatientCare.

Order-sets for Cardiac Problems

Order sets represent one Clinical Decision Support (CDS) tool that may promote safe, efficient, and evidence-based patient care. iPatientCare provides you a set of Treatment Plans for most common cardiology problems such as Angina, CAD, Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation and as such. This is the most sophisticated unique feature to document treatment plan with a single click.


Order-sets for Cardiac Problems

Specific Cardiology Visit Note Templates

iPatientCare's Specific Cardiology Diagnostic Tests oriented unique templates such as Stress Echo Report, Exercise Stress Test, Carotid Doppler Report, Lexican Nuclear Stress Test Report and Venous Duplex Report, have been configured keeping in their respective functionalities.

iPatientCare includes several cardiology procedure specific templates. Among these templates are stress test, echocardiogram report, holter monitor report and many more. These templates automatically populate the patient information by eliminating duplicate data entry and allowing the physicians to be more efficient in their documentation.


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