iPatientCare Blog - MIPS performance for Year 2018

Details of MIPS performance for Year 2018, which should not be avoided!

Many providers wait until the end of the year to know where their practices stand when it comes to the Cost Performance category. It is important to monitor on a continuous basis so that you can modify and take action as and when required. Now that CMS has unveiled its new portal for MACRA, the providers are able to see their real-time scoring for all MIPS categories.

QPP submission deadline is March 31st, 2018 and since CMS has improved its portal interface there is less paperwork, you no longer have to report on multiple sites and more time can be spent on patient care! The providers are also sharing information via text messaging under a secured platform. This shows CMS has recognized that with communication technologies constantly evolving, healthcare information and delivery have resulted in better quality and patient safety.

When it comes to Cost Performance for MIPS 2018, you must know about recent QPP changes for MIPS year 2 (the performance year 2018), how to interpret your QRUR Reports and how to maximize Cost Score for MIPS. There are many questions people are having nowadays and CMS is rigorously trying to guide all of them in multiple ways. Despite the tremendous knowledge shared among the industry audience, people are still confused about a couple of things like “whether there are any specific codes, which need to be given more importance! Or are there any specific set of codes that are required to be discontinued from 2018? etc.”

Many of such questions should be discussed among the audience and should be answered correctly because even a simple mistake can cause you an unwanted and unexpected penalty. And, iPatientCare team will make sure that nobody should face any losses due to unawareness. As a result, we have gathered such obvious points, have removed the unnecessary details, and have provided them in a short and informative presentation. This presentation is now available for you at no Cost!

Hence, this is the right time to visit the following URL and start gathering the necessary details for the Cost Performance Category of MIPS 2018!


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