Navigate your Care Coordination for COVID-19 patients

Navigate your Care Coordination for COVID-19 patients

Covid-19, the pandemic has brought the most unfortunate and challenging time for everyone, and adding to that – it’s also a burdensome time for healthcare providers around the world. While dealing with the pandemic, providers have to coordinate care around the patient, and at the same time they also have to stay away from the risk of infection. Care coordination during COVID-19 involves deliberately organizing patient care activities and sharing information among all of the participants concerned with a patient’s care to achieve safer and more effective care.

Under Care coordination, healthcare providers have to understand patient’s needs and preferences ahead of time, it should be communicated to the right people at the right time, and the information collected is used to provide safe, suitable, and effective care to the patient. Using an efficient Care Coordination Software, healthcare organizations or providers can reduce care fragmentation with effective referrals and transitions taking place. Providers can leverage care collaboration, and identify potential COVID-19 patients in real-time.

Navigate your Care Coordination for COVID-19 patients

  • Real-time Care Coordination

Deploying care coordination solution with evidence-based clinical assessments and care plan tools in healthcare organization, coordinates care across the continuum. It helps to manage high-risk, post-acute, and complex chronic disease patients. With these real-time insights and notifications, providers can better collaborate with each other on how to best prepare for, treatment, allocation of resources, and deliver care to those high-risk patients.

  • Holistic view of your patient’s medical history

During the time of crisis, the Care Coordination platform can maintain the Master Patient Index (MPI) and Longitudinal Health Record for each patient. It helps providers with specific sets of patient information (query-based exchange) that determine the treatment plan and intervene proactively towards patient care at both the patient and population level. Care Coordination Software also supports the exchange of information using C-CDA and CCR standards.

  • Referral network of trusted healthcare provider

The Care Coordination platform provides a network of trusted healthcare providers to enable easy and efficient transition of care during the time of health care provider’s shortage. The providers can search and connect to other healthcare providers using the directory services of in-network and out-of-network providers. The software can share referrals and consultations instantaneously, securely, and deliver it right into the recipients’ EHR.

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  • Care planning and monitoring

While managing the situation during the pandemic, it becomes very important for providers to keep patients on track and allow them to meet their healthcare goals as soon as possible. The Care Coordination Software platform provides risk assessment and decision support tools – to prevent and monitor patients with chronic conditions, to provide advanced care planning and management for patients with acute problems. The integrated system supports healthcare providers with timely and efficient healthcare via data integration and statistical learning to reduce unplanned hospitalization and readmission.

  • Patient Engagement 

During the pandemic of infectious disease, it’s obviously not important to have one to one engagement, therefor an intuitive and interactive tool such as smartphones, tablets, or a web-browser plays a very important role. Providers can ask patients, to access their health records and receive automated reminders for medications, home monitoring tests, and care management protocols. Patients can also submit home-monitoring data and provide feedback on the care management protocols driven questionnaire using an easy and intuitive interface of Care Coordination Software.

Navigate your Care Coordination for COVID-19 patients

Care coordination is known as a key strategy that has the potential to improve the effectiveness, safety, and efficiency of the health care system. In the time of the global health care crisis, health care organizations and providers have to put their efforts towards delivering well-designed, and targeted care coordination to the right people, which can improve outcomes for both – patients and providers.

If you are also looking to redesign your health care system to provide better coordinate patients’ care then you must have a look at iPatientCare’s Care Coordination Software to enhance existing or emerging care management programs.


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