How to Prepare for the Possible Approach of a Twindemic

How to Prepare for the Possible Approach of a Twindemic

Each year public health officials warn about the approaching flu season. This year, experts are warning of a possible “twindemic” with the COVID-19 pandemic. A possible twindemic refers to the fear of influenza and a second COVID-19 spike happening simultaneously. Therefore, healthcare providers and organizations need to be ready with a virtual care platform – Telemedicine, that can help you deliver patient care at its best.

“I do think the fall and winter of 2020 and 2021 are going to be probably one of the most difficult times we’ve experienced in American public health,” CDC Director Robert Redfield has said, citing this probability.

Why a Twindemic is Raises Concerns?

In 2020-21, it is likely we will face our first peak flu season alongside a second COVID-19 spike. With more than 240,000 Americans deceased, COVID-19 hospitalization rates are continuing to rise in many areas of the country. In addition to this, 40 to 50 million Americans are at high risk of contracting the influenza virus. CDC data (2010 – 2019) shows 12,000 – 61,000 deaths and 140,000 – 810,000 hospitalizations every year due to seasonal flu. The deadly overlapping of two contagious viruses could pose a serious problem for healthcare providers and systems around the nation.

What about this Year’s Flu Shot?

Healthcare officials are advising people to get their flu shot to lower the effects of seasonal flu on public healthcare system. A higher number of vaccinations would make a big difference in lowering the impact of a possible twindemic. According to the CDC, the vaccine’s effectiveness may vary from person to person, depending on their demography. Even if the vaccine doesn’t prevent someone from getting the flu, it may help to lessen serious symptoms.

How a Virtual Care Platform – TELEMEDICINE can Help?

Amidst the anxiety surrounding a twindemic, one thing is evident: patients will seek virtual care platforms to communicate their seasonal flu and/or COVID-19 symptoms with their healthcare providers. The recent pandemic has forced healthcare providers and organizations to adopt telemedicine solutions at a rapid rate.

Telehealth is bridging the gap between patients and healthcare providers. It enables symptomatic patients to stay at home and communicate with clinicians through virtual tools. Thus, helping to reduce the spread of the virus to mass populations and the frontline medical staff. Telehealth solutions can also be used for non-urgent communication to reduce pressure on emergency rooms and clinics.

The possible twindemic demands healthcare providers & organizations across the nation to prepare with a strong virtual care platform. They should expand access to care and reduce the need for in-person clinic visits. These measures will automatically lower the risk of community infection by keeping more sick people at home.

How to Prepare for the Possible Approach of a Twindemic

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