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The Most Popular Healthcare IT Blog Posts of 2019

Before crossing over into 2019, we’re going to take one more look back at the year that was — and the blog content that our readers liked the most. We hope you enjoy these posts that were most clicked, read and shared by our readers in 2019.

How practices can boost their MIPS Score?

Want to understand the MIPS score calculation? This blog post takes a look at how scoring in each category changed in 2019 to help you easily navigate the Merit-based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) scoring process, as category weight changes can happen year over year. Start preparing today for the next payment period to help ensure you are focusing on the right measurements to achieve the best possible scores and financial rewards. Read more

Chronic Care Management where Patient Support is Practice Support

Integrating chronic care management within a practice is a tall task. There is a long list of responsibilities that includes training staff, record keeping, documentation, compliance and providing quality personal care. Read on to find out more about the types of care provided under chronic care management services, limitations in handling in-house CCM and advantages of outsourcing such services to expert third parties. Read more

How to improve Medical Claim First-pass acceptance ratio?

Practices have to go through rejections even though they have excellent billing staff. The claims are rejected by the insurance company due to erroneous inputs of inpatient or insurance information. The article outlines some of the most common claim rejection reasons in detail. Gain an in-depth understanding of how to avoid claim rejections and denials to improve the first pass acceptance rate. Read more

In spite of the challenges, Telemedicine is constantly increasing its momentum

As the advancement of telemedicine continues, patients, providers, and payers are set to enjoy its benefits. From this, it is clear that telemedicine will have a strong return on investment across the entire healthcare ecosystem. The article outlines the benefits and pitfalls of telemedicine that you should consider before making any big move for your practice. Read more

How Technology Can Reduce — Not Cause — Healthcare Burnout

Physician Burnout is an ongoing concern in the medical field. Trying to manage the stress of patient cases, administrative tasks and balancing life challenges are among the reasons why physicians are feeling the pressure. While the issue of physician burnout is an ever-changing complex challenge, technology continues to create new ways for us to address it. The article emphasis the problem behind physician burnout and its contributors and have highlighted the solutions to combat it, head-on. Read more

EHR customization vital for both – Small and Large practices

One of the first questions to ask before building your opinion about customized EHR is, are you able to customize your EHR as per your specific requirement? Are you facing any bottlenecks in your workflow? Would EHR customization better support meaningful use and best practices of yours? If any of these questions sound familiar, it may be the right time to take action. This article can be an aid in your decision-making process, and help you understand how EHR with advanced tools and innovative customizations can be beneficial for both patients and providers. Read More

Top 10 Internal Medicine EHR Features to help you solve your Documentation Problems

Internal medicine practices are experiencing unprecedented complexity in how they are expected to organize and deliver care. No doctor can provide timely, reliable, precise, consistent, clear, and complete documentation in patients’ charts without the proper use of EHR. Internal Medicine EHR is a unique solution that serves streamlined workflow to doctors, so they can spend more time on patient care then practice management. This article will bring your focus on some electronic health record features that can help you solve your documentation problems. Read More

Say no to ‘No-Shows’ with Automated Patient Reminders!

How do you communicate with your patients for scheduling an appointment? The most popular way is automated appointment reminders. But many healthcare organizations still do not have a setup to offer automated text communications to their patients, they still rely on phone calls and emails for reminders and are still reluctant to switch to text messaging. Here in this article, we have described how Automated Patient Reminders enhances patient engagement with just one-time process. Read More

Now is the perfect time for doctors to add Telehealth Services, Know Why!

Who doesn’t expect genuine healthcare for themselves and their loved ones? For the same, a patient’s first demand is to have access to the best doctors at their fingertips. Modern technologies in telecommunications make it possible. Software such as ‘telehealth’ connects you with patients anywhere at any time. Telehealth services not only benefit the patient but also efficiently manage a doctor’s schedule as well. It would be most appropriate to say that telehealth is the future of healthcare and healing. This article will elaborate on the importance of why it is the perfect time to add telehealth services now. Read More

8 Recommendations EHR Vendors Provide to their Users

While EHRs have become widely adopted, are you and your staff able to utilize it to its best? If not, then this article will surely orient you to what you must need to know about your EHR. The process of improving the usability of EHR works best when you understand what your practice needs are. Once these needs are identified, you can form a plan and work with the help of your staff for the successful use of EHR. Read More

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