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Top 5 Information Technologies to Support Pediatric Practices

Pediatricians are progressively using various information technology systems in order to quickly retrieve and store patient medical records. Some technologies make it easy for pediatricians and their office managers to enter symptoms into a database and receive suggested diagnoses that the pediatrician could have missed. Such technologies help the pediatricians to increase the day-to-day efficiency of their practice. Having a patient’s entire health record at their fingertips gives pediatricians a broad, accurate picture of the patient’s health. It also helps in avoiding potential complications that may arise from prescribing medicines or treatments that can be harmful to the patient because of a preexisting condition.

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Five critical Information Technologies that help pediatricians run their practices more efficiently, profitably and enjoyably.

1. Cloud-based Technologies

Shifting to Cloud helps pediatricians to reduce costs & gain convenience. It is one of the cost-effective healthcare IT solutions that practices are looking for to mitigate financial obstacles. Cloud-based practice management (PM) systems, Electronic Health Records (EHRs), and other software solutions are becoming increasingly installed due to their relative affordability, along with their enhanced adaptability and accessibility.

iPatientCare cloud-based pediatric-specific EHR relieves you from maintaining expensive servers and IT staff. Because of its ease-of-use, customizable workflow, preloaded specialty templates, prompt support, and the fact that it stays up-to-date with constantly changing industry standards makes it a “Must Have EHR Technology” for variety of specialties.


  1. Pediatricians can access cloud-based software 24/7, at home or on the go. They can get their work done wherever and whenever it works best for them.
  2. Cloud-based solutions have the potential to reduce operating costs, and boost pediatricians’ productivity both inside and outside of the office.
  3. It makes easier to collaborate and offer care as a team. The cloud speeds things up and enables better communication at a distance.
  4. The data is protected against hardware failures

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2. Practice Management Software & EHR Systems Integration

50% of pediatricians bear heavy administrative burdens and spends 10+ hours on paperwork leading to substantial incidences of burnout. It’s critical for pediatricians to implement new ways to boost efficiency, so they can get their work done faster and improve their work-life balance. While well-designed PM and EHR systems bring efficiency by themselves, the benefits are magnified when these systems are integrated.

iPatientCare PMS is a complete practice management software that allows your Front Office and Back Office staff to work easily and efficiently. Your pediatric practice can have customized organization-wide practice management solutions along with electronic medical records for charting and coding specialty-specific encounters such as ADHD, adolescent and child visits.


  1. Productivity losses from having to go back and forth between systems can be avoided. Data entered in one automatically populates in the other through truly integrated systems. As a result, the users can complete their work more efficiently, leaving less room for error.
  2. An integrated system is often the more cost-effective solution, as it allows practices to avoid constructing an interface between different systems.
  3. Eliminates the possibility of any communication and data interchange failure between the EHR and Practice Management components.
  4. Fewer interoperability issues and a better service experience

3. Patient Portal

Patient portals have the potential to drive both efficiency and outcomes by connecting pediatricians with parents in an easy way. As recognized by pediatricians, portals powerfully aid in boosting efficiency, freeing up time, and enhance patient care with better outcomes. Due to the scope of care pediatricians provide and the number of calls they receive daily, portals are highly favorable for them. With patient portals, pediatric practices attain key capabilities that boost productivity, while providing added convenience to their patients’ parents.

iPatientCare Patient Portal Software facilitates secure communication between you and your patients’ parents. Our patient engagement technology empowers the parents with the information they need to manage their child’s health proactively.


  1. Parents can schedule appointments, request prescription refills, and ask for health forms (e.g., for school or camp) online.
  2. Parents have access to their children’s medical records online, including immunization records, growth charts etc. It helps them keep better track their children’s health histories and further reduce the calls to the practice.
  3. Parents and their children’s doctors can exchange messages securely online, allowing them to connect with ease. This strengthens family engagement and reduces hassle for both parties (e.g., phone calls, stacks of messages, interruptions).

4. Mobile Technologies

Leveraging mobile solutions helps pediatricians to accomplish more on-the-go results. In addition to accessing EHRs and making notes on the go, pediatricians are using tablets for various other activities, including checking their schedules, sending emails, and educating patients.

iPatientCare has developed mHealth apps to support patient-centric business models that focus on optimized clinical outcomes, value for money and patient satisfaction. These solutions are fully integrated and operable as part of a new mobile healthcare ecosystem.


  1. In a recent survey, 74% of healthcare providers said their tablet EHR improved their workflow.
  2. Tablet/Mobile solutions make pediatricians better multi-tasker resulting in higher productivity.
  3. It helps pediatric practices increase cooperation among colleagues.

5. Analytics and Care Coordination Tools

Adopting analytics tools helps pediatricians to monitor performance & make educated decisions. Well-built analytics tools can help pediatricians make data-driven decisions and improve practice performance. Loaded with actionable insights, pediatricians can take desirable actions to boost their efficiency and profitability.

There are multiple dashboards provided in iPatientCare Care Coordination Platform to proactively monitor the clinical and financial goals for pediatric practices. It enables pediatricians to receive and analyze the large amounts of data from different diagnostic equipment or software; as they need to draw data from multiple specialists when there is a long-term relationship with the patients.


  1. Robust Data and Analytics solutions help pediatricians benchmark results, identify issues, and track results over time.
  2. Pediatricians can ascertain where the practice is functioning well and where it’s falling short.
  3. The right tools make it easy to generate reports and incorporate data into their decision-making.

While a diverse range of exciting technologies have emerged in recent years, we narrowed this list down to those with the greatest potential to boost the productivity and profitability of pediatric practices. Cloud-based softwares, integrated PM-EHR systems, patient portals, mobile solutions, and analytics tools can all have a magnified impact on pediatricians’ practices and lives. These systems truly deliver on the promise of technology so that pediatricians can have more time for the patients.

iPatientCare specialty focused solutions help pediatric practices achieve clinical and administrative excellence by providing the tools and services to be highly efficient while you focus on providing excellent care. Schedule a 15-minute consultation with our specialty expert and learn more about our pediatric-specific solutions.


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