iPatientCare Blog - Wearable Device brings revolution into the Health Care Technology

Wearable Device brings revolution into the Health Care Technology

Starting with the process of maintaining the patient details, physicians believed it to be some sort of time consuming task. But as now a days physicians are on to the usage of EHR, their time is saved a lot in many ways because EHR provides many user friendly features.

Wearable Device brings revolution into the Health Care Technology

In order to make that experience more pleasant iPatientCare comes up with the Wearable Device named miGlass. These miGlass of iPatientCare allows all new methods of communication with patients. For example, we have some of the modern cars which sees drivers facial expressions and according to that decides whether the driver is exhausted and should take rest instead of driving further.

Back in time when the IT Industry came up with the smart phones which could provide facility of internet and emailing like stuff, then people used to think that such kind of devices are useful only for the businessmen who have to give regular presentations, travel a lot and communicate regularly via emails. But now a days smart phones have almost become part of the basic needs to an entire human race as people came to know about the benefits they actually provided and tasks which people were able to accomplish easily. Similarly physicians have now started utilizing miGlass.

There are many features embedded into them which helps physicians in many ways. It allows to look at complete schedule for the day. On patient’s arrival, it notifies by posting a picture along with brief data from the patient’s chart. Physician can record notes and also take photos of injuries or videos of procedures. It allows hands-free access to patient information using voice commands and is extremely useful during surgeries.


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