iPatientCare Updates miGlass – the First Wearable EHR App for the Google Glass, Adds Innovative Functionalities and Addresses Emerging Demands of Health Care Providers

iPatientCare, a Pioneer in Launching the Wearable Technology App miGlass for Google Glass at HiMSS14, Revolutionizes the Level of Patient Engagement and Medication Adherence that Physicians can Interact with Their Patients Using EHR

iPatientCare, Inc., a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, Integrated Practice Management and Patient Portal Solutions, announced updated version of its native miGlass the firstWearable EHR App for Google Glass, addresses emerging demands of health care providers.

The new Glassware technology extends the functionality available on the iPad, Android and web to Google Glass, giving physicians access to patient records at the point of care without having to look away from their patients. iPatientCare, a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR is the first company to launch Google Glass Patient Centric wearable EHR App at HiMSS 2014. iPatientCare has been consistently recognized as a leader in healthcare technology. iPatientCare Product Suite have emerged as one of the most robust and user-friendly solutions in the ambulatory care market.

“Medication Adherence and other health behaviors are often the hardest thing for healthcare providers to influence. Being commited to improved outcomes via constant innovation iPatientCare enhances the miGlass App for Google Glass to engage patients in a real-time conversation about their medications which results in positive behavioral change and significantly improved medication adherence and level of patient engagement,” said Shripal Shah, Senior Technology, iPatientCare. “We are definitely ahead of the curve, but since we started asking a group of pilot customers including reputed health systems and ambulatory practices to sign up for our beta program the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and excited about using Google Glass in their practices,” he further added.

“We constantly work to explore how doctors can achieve better access to the right information at the right time so they can focus on providing better care to the patients. Physicians are looking for ways to spending quality time with patients rather than spending it on bureaucratic tasks such as entering data into a computer. The ease of use on both ends, namely, the Glass and the EHR, makes the difference,” said Kedar Mehta, CTO, iPatientCare.

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