Integrated Practice Management Software for Streamlined Billing

Track, manage, and optimize financial and administrative processes with our integrated and efficient practice management software (PMS). iPatientCare’s practice management module brings together front and back office workflows to simplify medical billing services from registration to denial management. Robust financial dashboards and reports give high visibility to practice reimbursement and financial performance. 

Practice Management

Maximize Reimbursement

iPatientCare is much more than just billing software.
It is a complete practice management system that allows your front office and back office staff to work easily and efficiently, generating cleaner claims to receive higher reimbursement.

See how one pediatric and family clinic reduced manual work with automated workflows and implemented a billing solution that allows for easy collections.

Front Office

Practice Management

iPatientCare’s front office features allow your staff to easily and efficiently register new patients, schedule appointments, and streamline the check in and check out process.

  • Run on-demand eligibility verification or request verification in advance of the patient appointment
  • Update demographic and insurance information
  • Multi-location and multi-provider appointment scheduling
  • Wait list and recall list management

Back Office

Practice Management

iPatientCare back office features ensure efficient claims management, accounts receivable, and streamlines the patient billing process.

  • Submit claims directly to CMS and other payers
  • Automated, actionable work lists for claims corrections with easy to find error notifications
  • Integrated clearing house for smooth electronic claims processing
  • Robust billing reports for insight into claims status, payments, accounts receivable, and revenue.
Practice Management

See how one pediatric and family clinic reduced manual work with automated workflows.