ePrescribing Made Better, Faster, and Safer for iPad EHR

Medications have always been the centriole of the health electronic health record system. Providers are increasingly practicing caution in prescribing the right medicine in the right dose to their patients. Medication errors due to incorrect dose, route, or medication may be fatal to the life of the patient. Recognizing the mounting numbers of medication errors and the complex repository of drugs, iPatientCare upgraded its iPad EHR app with improved functionalities for ePrescribing. This change, brought in for providers looking for advanced electronic prescriptions, will speed up the workflow for each physician using it.


The improved electronic prescription tool enables physicians to draft and renew prescription orders. Documenting drug and allergy interactions, this improved app works proactively to ensure patient safety. Each prescription is recorded and may be recalled along with other clinical notes for a specific patient. Not only the app helps to ensure patient safety but also enhances the productivity and expedites the workflow. The eRx process designed as per the internal flow in every provider’s office ensures quality and accuracy in the prescriptions. The intuitive touch screen based interface makes it easy for providers to prescribe right from the point-of-care.

To ensure providers an effective ePrescribing functionality, iPatientCare has thoroughly tested it. Created with a main aim to prevent harm to patients, it helps bring down medication errors. iPatientCare’s iPad EHR facilitates providers with improved ability to ensure that the right patient is administered the right medication in the right dosage and through the right route with no additional investment of time. This ePrescribing feature has taken the level of patient care to new heights.


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