Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging Tool – Finding the Way for Effective Communication

In the medical industry, effective communication is a key to manage workflows. The lapse in communication results in compromised patient’s health, spoiling the reputation of the clinic/hospital and eventually have to bear financial losses. According to a genuine report – Health care industry faces the loss of $11 billion due to inactive workflows which is mainly caused by improper communication. However, most from the loss can be recovered if the medical practices get secure messaging tool installed in their system.

Secure Messaging

It is simple, it is good

Secure messaging tool can be termed as a ‘software application that provides in-house quick messaging service with customizable security options and variety of additional features that assist in maintaining comfortable communication.

Messaging tool is not complicated yet resourceful. One can operate it easily and can exchange information with others.

How it can be helpful for the medical facilities?

In the health care practices, most of the in-house procedures can only be accomplished if there is proper communication between the physicians and other departments. Messaging software can act as an effective medium to share and exchange variety of information. It also has multi-level security options and hence, confidentiality can also be maintained. In addition, a doctor can save his lots of time which usually gets wasted in reaching the other departments for important concerns.

Messaging App – As a Replacement

In a health care facility, distinct mediums, like – Phone, Fax, Mail and others are used to transmit or share different sort of information and documents. Messaging tool can be a replacement for all such mediums as it has variety of features to deal with types of documents and information. In addition, one also need not to worry about the data loss and mismanagement as the format and ingredients of the information, reports and documents will remain same throughout the sharing & transmission services.

Integrate with EHR for best results

When it comes to technical terms of medical practices, then EHR is their life line without any doubt as it has significance in every single process that took place there. Integrating EHR with messaging software can increase significantly increase the productivity of the medical facilities. The documents, files and reports in EHR system can be send through the messaging tool wherever required. Integration will make the in-house procedures streamlined and will save valuable time and money of the practices.

Messaging software replicates 24×7 availability factor which remains the primary need and goal of the medical industry.

iPatientCare a pioneer in mHealth and cloud based ambulatory EHR, provides top-notch EHR-messaging tool integration plus training services centralized on the workflows and requirements of the medical practices. To get in touch with us or to know more about our services, call us at 800.741.0981 or write to us at We assure you to satisfy your practice needs through wide range of services, we offer.


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